Results & Pawformance Classes for Puppies!

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"Take me to puppy class, please!"

From the litter to your best friend...

Relationship development with a focus structured on you - not on treats.

Puppy level lessons, manners, 'no sass' and montiored socializing, not a wild party.

Age appropriate hands-on obedience without clickers or remotes, praise is the reward!

Emphasis on keeping the 'retriever' in your puppy in a positive direction, information for all breeds!

Shy Pup? Getting sass? Sign up for this class!!

Pawformance Puppy Class!

Fun and informative! Learn how to train with your puppy - not at it! Gentle leadership skills are emphasized. The majority of returning trainers with new pets choose to start their new pets at this level for good reason! My classes have been veternarian and breeder attended for decades.

Age: 8 Weeks to six months. Older puppies may be accepted...
to provide a better training foundation. An older puppy that may be shy, in need of confidence building or a less formal structure than our Obedience & Manners Level One Class may attend if it will not challenge other puppies in the class. Contact the training director before registering an older puppy if it is more than eight months old. The Stay exercise is taught next level as it requires a 'mature' puppy to grasp the meaning of the exercise. It is not taught with a food bribe.

The first class is training for you, your puppy does not attend! Household members that can sit and stay quietly through the entire offering with you are encouraged to attend! Attending on a regular basis to observe will help as consistency in handling your puppy is important to help ensure successful training.

For best Results - start your puppy early - before the four month learning window starts to close. As learning is never erased, giving your this class will help it learn - how to learn! It is smart as everything introduced at this level melds into our Results Obedience & Manners program and expedites training progression.

Let me help you to get the best start with your puppy so that the coming months (and years!) are more enjoyable, for you and your puppy. This is a class that I throughly enjoy teaching when trainers are following instruction!

Dress: Trainer to wear comfortable clothing and practical shoes - no high heels or high platform type shoes or boots. It is recommended that you be on the floor next to your pup for some of the exercises.

Equipment will be discussed at the first class. A short list here for your reference:
A soft cloth collar, and body harness for walking if your puppy is doing a lot of pulling. A 4' leash, and/or 6' for small toy breed pets. A size appropriate long line for home training. A second set of equipment for outdoor recreational and exercise walking.
Soft, non roll, quiet toy to be used when instructed or when your pup is bored during discussions. Until needed, keep this hidden please!
A non-skid rug or mat for your pet to rest on when not active if training on a tile floor. If you desire, bring one large enough to share with your pup.

Paper towels and plastic bags for cleanup if your pup is not yet trained.
A towel of appropriate size to use on wet days for drying your puppy before or after class.

Treats for polite treat taking. Treats are used for controlled leash walking in early stages of training. Please bring a small bag of easy to chew kibble or another healthy treat that can be eaten quickly. Do not bring messy, greasy or treats that crumble. Liittle pieces of carrot or your puppy's kibble may be suitable. Do keep treats hidden from your puppy until it is time to use.

Bring your training equipment to all classes as equipment is not available on loan.

For the safety and comfort of you and your pet: No chain leashes, slip or choke collars, head halters, (un)gentle leaders or retractable or slip leashes. These items are not allowed on the training grounds and are not suggested for home use!

This puppy class gives an excellent start and may be repeated. See the Puppy Plus! offering below if your pet is not ready for Obedience & Manners Level One.

Questions? Email Training Director

or call my Bark Line (517) 548-4536 Mary T.

Pawformance Puppy Plus!

Terrific opportunity for pups too young for Obedience & Manners Level One.

Pre-requisite: Results Puppy Class Graduate up to seven months and/or instructor permission with the same Puppy Class trainer.

If you have a young puppy graduate and you want to keep training and socialzing skills fresh, desire more practice in Puppy Class, or just want to keep coming - this is for you! Meeting new friends is much fun!

You may join the currently running Puppy class and pay the drop in fee to the instructor.
This is available to you and your pup for classes #3, and/or 4, 5 and 6.

See more info, times, dates and fees on the Schedule page, link below. Scroll down and look under the Puppy Plus! listing for dates and times.

Bring: Health record updates if any & all supplies and equipment from your last class.

Pawformance PreAgility!

For pups that want to have fun!

Prerequisite: Recent Results Puppy or Obedience & Manners Class trainers and pets
with instructor permission.

Offering will have an assortment of low and safe agility jumps - pups will be walking over (with respect to growth plates still closing), a mini tunnel (weather permitting). Weaving intro with you using Rally-Obedience style weaves (less twisting than conventional weaves). Go to the Schedule page FMI and scroll down to the Recreational Agility offerings.

BRING: Your puppy, health record updates if any and your RDT folder, equipment from last class.

Interested in Learning More?
See my Schedule Page for dates, times, location and fees for Puppy Classes.
All classes are 'paw color coded':

Puppy and Puppy Plus! Classes
PreAgility Class

What Comes After Puppy Level:

Results Obedience & Manners (O&M) Level One Class is highly recommended when your pup turns six months, if ready to learn a solid "Stay". Read more on the Program Information page. As issues usually change as puppies mature, taking this next level soon after your puppy class ends will optimize your pup's ability to develop into a well behaved companion.

Register through Brighton Community Ed on link or by phone - see my Schedule page FMI.

OR If you and your puppy both did very well in my Results Puppy Class (not a puppy class attended elsewhere), inquire about my O&M four week special instead of the full O&M One six week session.

Results O&M Extra - Four Week Special picks up where Puppy Class left off. If your puppy is generally compliant and you, the trainer, understand the 'how to do' for the exercises already introduced in my Results Puppy consider this. Instead of doing the six week O&M Level One, this four week special allows you to join the existing O&M Level One at the thrid class (which is mandatory). Walk ins at the first class are taken as room allows, or you may pay early to hold a spot (no refunds if cancellations are less than two days of your first class). Attendance must be within six months of your last Results puppy class.

A price discount from the regular O&M One six week class is given! To hold a spot, pay the instructor at your last puppy class OR if room allows, bring a check in full for four week O&M Extra to your first class.
Make your check payable to "Brighton Community Ed". Interested? Go to my schedule page and scroll down to the red paw, O&M Extra for dates and fee.

This is offered through the instructor - not Brighton Comm Ed. Thus, do not contact BCE to inquire (Note: Your check is payable to "BCE" and the class is held at Hilton Elementary).


Joining a Results Puppy Class? Please read this information:

When to Give Treats Treats are given but never in response for actual obedience commands such as come, watch, down or sit. I usually recommend them for housebreaking and crate training and treats are given on occasion 'just because'! Puppies should take them gently on command. This is introduced at class.

Treats at class are only used to introduce leash walking to the puppies in class and polite walking as instructed at home. I do not recommend luring, so please wait for instruction if you have not trained with me in the past. I do not use them for long as the attention will be transferred to focus on you.

If you will be showing your puppy in the conformation breed ring and want to use bait, this training will be helpful later. Please follow instruction - do not teach sitting for treats! The instructor has personal experience as an exhibitor, handler and has done judging. This program is set up to teach when it is appropriate to sit in the obedience ring and stand in the conformation ring. Follow instruction and your pup will know the difference.

Confidence Building! Your puppy will benefit from increased doses of socialization and stimulation to build confidence and a "Hey - look at me" attitude, setting the groundwork for a successful versatility career as well as a happy and well-trained companion. The atmosphere here is relaxed and simple - so have fun! Please do not let training mechanics keep you from enjoying your puppy and your class!

Incorrect socializing teaches lessons you may not want your puppy to learn. Unmonitored play time or socializing with dogs and people that do not display manners and or respect when interacting with your puppy can be harmful. Exposing your puppy to rough play whether in the neighborhood, at a dog park, at a doggie day care visit or even in your home with a visiting pet or person can imprint your pup in a negative way. In a typical Obedience & Manners - Level One class I usually have two or three older puppies or dogs that have had poor experiences that have left an imprint. Be smart - do not expose your puppy to unnecessary situations that may be damaging.

A group play session where the puppies are all turned loose is - not a good idea, your puppy could be 'bullied' and possibly develop fear or 'self defense' aggressive tendencies. Plan smart - what will you allow your puppy to experience?

If you want respect and trust, no teasing, rough housing or tug games are allowed! At a later time, tug games and rough housing may be introduced if your pup develops well. In most cases, after Results Obedience & Manners Level Two graduation. What you allow your pup to do and experience, is what you are teaching either directly or indirectly. Remember - learning and experience are never erased or forgotten.

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