Results Obedience & Manners Levels One and Two Classes

New Option for O&M Two Returns - AKC Canine Good Citizen & Therapy Dog (TDI style) Practice!

Picture shows Obedience & Manners Level One trainers

teaching a "Stay" command, note the great attention,

implementing hands on training without treats, clickers or remotes!

Results - from the litter to your best friend...

Getting sass? Sign up for a 'Results' class and relax!!

To help ensure a successful fit for you and your pet, read the following class descriptions and information before registering. Pets must have two series of distemper and parvo vaccinations, a rabies vaccine if six months of age or over (per MI law) and have a clear fecal check. Check your calendar before registering. Brighton Community Education (BCE) or Howell Area Parks & Rec handle all registrations and they both endorse a strict no refund policy. Thank you, Mary T.

Obedience & Manners - Level One

Pet Age: Five - six months and older up to 8 years,
however there is no old age limit if your pet is comfortable!

Fee: See the class listing on the Schedule page for this six week session.

Pets DO NOT attend the first class! For puppies and dogs five months and older at the start of class. The first class is training for you. The presentation covers how to get the most out of the session.

Trainers must be age 18 and older.

This is a excellent hands-on, praise reward with a quiet discipline training program. Instruction includes how to use gentle leadership skills. Special attention is given to drives and signals. We do not use treats or clickers. Commands introduced in the Pawformance Puppy Classes are reviewed and introduced for new trainers to us.

Covered in class: wait, get-it for polite treat taking (not used to reward obedience commands!), sit, down, steady which is a relaxed stand and come! Added are various exercises to improve handling, move, off (no jumping or counter surfing), the stay, leave-its, and controlled walking - normal and slow paces!

No fluff or tricks - this on-leash class concentrates on the basics to help you develop your pet into a pleasant and happy companion. You will take time to build a strong foundation at this entry level class! Note - if your pet has had exposure to a food based program and you are not happy with the training, consider starting over at this base level using praise and gentle leadership skills.

* Interested household members that can sit and stay quietly through the entire class are encouraged to observe as consistency in handling your pet is important to help ensure successful training.

For best Results - start your pet early! Learning is never erased and your pet is learning lessons that it will remember for life. Every day is a teaching opportunity - what are you letting your pet learn?

As a hands-on method is used for some of the exercises, you must be able to physically guide your pet into positions in early training, at class and at home. For some of the exercises it is best to be on the floor next to your dog. Thus, wear comfortable clothing and practical shoes - no heels or platform type shoes or boots.

Trainers must be able to interact with their pet, hear and follow verbal instruction.

Trainers MUST be physically strong enough to be able to keep their pet under control. No dragging the trainer to visit other training teams while on the training grounds - inside and outside of class. Due to an automobile accident injury, the instructor is experiencing limited ability to handle strong pets. Thus, be sure your pet cannot drag you as this will be strictly endorsed. Thanks!

Aggression issues? If you have a pet in need of serious behavior help, this class may not serve your needs. This is a group class formatted for general pet training. Due to the limitations of same, please be sure to read the class description and FAQs before registering your pet.

If your pet has shown aggression, you may wish to contact the breeder of your pet, the person or organization you received it from for help. Be considerate and do not put others at risk if your pet may not be safe in a group environment. Do not register it for our group classes. Be considerate of your pet as well and get it help.
With regret, private lessons and phone consultations for serious behavioral issues are not available at this time.

Equipment: Questions? Please ask at the first class.
Bring your training equipment to all classes as equipment is not available on loan.
A soft cloth collar, a limited choke collar such as the and body harness if desired, a 4' leash, and/or 6' for small toy breed pets. A size appropriate long line for home training.

A roll of paper towels and plastic bags for cleanup.
A towel size appropriate for your puppy in a plastic or ? bag to use on wet days for drying your pet's paws before entering class.

NOT ALLOWED: For the safety and comfort of you and your pet: No chain leashes, choke collars, head halters, (un)gentle leaders, retractable leashes. These items are not allowed to be used on the training grounds and are not suggested for home use!

Please be considerate. Do not register your pet for this class if it has developed issues that may interefere with class flow. A private lesson may be available. If you are unknown to me, a reference is required if I am coming to your home. Thank you for your understanding. Email me if you have any questions - thanks! Mary T.


Obedience & Manners - Level Two

Prerequisite: Same RDT returning trainer and same pet graduate within three months of Obedience & Manners - Level One and/or instructor permission.

Pets DO attend the first class!

Bring: A towel if conditions are wet to dry your dog off before class. Your regular training equipment used in the last class. A 10' - 20' long line will be used for pets ready for same - No wire cables, retractable leashes or chains.

What is taught: This offering builds on the foundation set in Obedience & Manners (O&M) Level One - the floor activity increases setting up great practice as well as new instruction. Participants will be working on immediate response with greater distractions and distance on long lines as pets are ready.

Added are some of the exercises included in the AKC Canine Good Citizen test along with many walking drills, finishing the figure 8, hand walk, sit and down signals, and whistle (at home) signals. Many of the exercises started in O&M - Level One are kicked up a notch or two depending on the class flow! Also, new exercises include but are not limited to as park-its, more practice with the 'leave it' from O&M One, and structured socializing for pets ready for same. (Socializing is not a wild pet party!)

There is much content offered at this level and this class may be repeated. If returning, consider the optional AKC Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog practice skills theme below.

Graduation includes a recreational Rally-Obedience style course utilizing the skills learned at this level - fun! If you enjoy training, and skills at this level have been accomplished, consider repeating this class and adding the theme below or join us for Obedience & Manners Three with Rally-Obedience recreational and competition level course meld. It is much fun, too, see "What comes Next? at the bottom of this page for link!

Optional skills for Obedience & Manners Two Graduates repeating this class:

AKC Canine Good Citizen Practice and Therapy Dog Prep Exercises!

Prerequisite: Same RDT returning trainer and same pet graduate of recent Obedience & Manners - Level Two and instructor permission.

Due to interest, but not enough gym time to offer a separate class, returning O&M Level Two graduates will have opportunities to practice skills needed to pursue these interests along with continuing obedience offered at this level. Due to various possibilities, (hospitals, nursing homes, reading programs at schools/libraries, etc.), please provide Mary T. information regarding your interest for planning purposes at the first class, thank you.

Not doing therapy, but want to join anyway? You are welcome to If you are committed to practice!

Note that testing is not included in the class. There are many testing opportunities in the SE Michigan area, inquire!

Taking a break? Consider returning to O&M Two for a Brush Up!

Sign up your Results O & M Level Two graduate within six months if your pet in need of a brush up of skills and social manners. Note, if your last O&M Two class was more than six months ago, contact Mary T. before registering if you are not sure if O&M One may be a better fit for your pet.


What Comes Next? Great practice and advanced obedience - off leash as pets are ready for same, socializing and a terrific way to get some exercise - all while having fun!!

Warning! This next class may be habit forming - pets and people have fun! Starting with an obedience base at an advanced level this class melds dog sports on a recreational or competition Rally-O level!

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