Pawformance Sports!

Obedience & Manners Level Three

Off Leash Training as Pets are Ready

and AKC Rally-Obedience Courses for recreation or show!

Pawformance Sports (PDS) offerings are terrific for all dogs, not just for the ones that need a job!

Give your dog special time with you and get some exercise while taking your dog's training to the next level!

Get off of the couch! Rally-0 this is a perfect class to attend when cabin fever makes life a little stressful this winter. Courses are posted with an exercise to perform noted at each station. You use commands and signals learned at class to perform the skills at each. U - each set up differently from the week before. Unlike traditional obedience, chat and praise are encouraged as you travel around the course. Note - food and toys are not used to lure pets around the course, here you are truly performing with your pet - not at it!

While many class participates choose to show, you don't have to compete to participate! If you follow instruciton, the skills acquired will provide practice with your every day handling. Everyone deserves a well behaved dog! Your dog will love the time at class and so will you!

Pets DO attend the first class!

Location: See RDT & PDS Schedule page.

Class goal: Providing an enjoyable class with challenging exercises and constructive fun with your pet. Great perks include enhancing bond-building with your pet, getting exercise and having fun with others! Reduce cabin fever during the winter months and spend time with others that enjoy special time with their pets in a no-drama atmosphere. Terrific outlet for pets and trainers both to get mental and physical exercise.

Prerequisites: Results Obedience & Manners Level Two or Two Plus! and instructor permission.
Please join the first available session offered following your Sports Introduction class end.

This class will benefit the training of pets for real life situations by offering a variety of moves and courses which are different each week. It also provides a great core for show obedience, agility, therapy and draft or carting dogs and their handlers for those enjoying dog sports! See the RDT & PDS! AWARDS page for the many trainers that have accomplished much with various breeds and Mixed Breeds dogs!

Off leash Rally-O Advanced and Excellent levels Rally-O do include low jumping. Trainers repeating this class with the same pet will be started on off leash training if desired when the instructor believes that their pet is ready. Pets are not to be taken off leash, use a pull tab or allowed to drag a leash without instructor permission.

Incoming dogs and trainers are expected to have a good foundation in basic commands such as sit, down, stay, come, wait, leash respect and basic manners (no challenging or lunging at people or dogs) through the Results Obedience & Manners Level One and Two and Two Plus! classes. Please be considerate. If you are repeating this class after taking a break, do not register your pet for this class if it has developed issues that may interefere with class flow. Instead, return to O&M - Level Two Plus for a brush-up first, thank you!

Instructor reserves the right to transfer any pet that interferes with class flow to the remaining classes left in the current session of O&M Level Two. No refunds will be given if a pet is excused or transfered to O&M Two and is not able to attend the current offering to finish remaining classes of the session.

Bring: A towel if conditions are wet to dry your dog off before class. Health updates if any, equipment including your pet's 'park-it' mat and your RDT folder.

Fees: See the Schedule page. The fee noted is for the same trainer and pet.

Questions? Call Mary T. 517 548 - 4536.

Warning! This class may be habit forming - people and pets have fun!

What Comes Next? O&M Four - AKC Show Obedience (CD) or Pawformance Sports - Recreational Agility!

The above Rally-O class may be repeated. Some trainers have enjoyed training at this level literally for years with me. Each session offers new challenges as you and your pup are ready! This level also helps to prepares you for show obedience. All well mannered dogs graduating from this class are welcome - inquire!
Did you know that mixed and purebred, spayed and neutered dogs may compete in dog sports?
The AKC offers a "Pet Partners" program for unregistered dogs and it is easy to register!

AKC Companion Dog (CD) Showing is done on and off leash. There are many obedience trials in S.E. Michigan!

Link: Results - Pawformance Sports!AKC Companion Dog (CD)

Recreational Agility! Prerequisite: Preferred AKC-Rally Obedience or AKC CD. Minimum of Two Plus! with instructor permission.
This 'for fun' class offers a variety of jumps, Rally-O style weaving and the tunnel. Great exercise for both you and your pup!

Link: Results - Pawformance Sports! - Recreational Agility One

Warning! Again - these classes may be habit forming - pets and people have fun!


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