Pawformance Dog Sports! Recreational Agility!

Based on AKC Jumpers Agility Obstacles

You have probably watched dog agility on television. It is much fun for both pup and handler! If you would rather play than watch, join us! The trainers attending enjoy special time with their pet and get exercise, too!
Basic training is necessary for an enjoyable class. The theme of the classes here are to do agility with your dog(s) at a comfortable pace.

Various types of jumps are offered including bars, spreads, boards and the high jump. Weaving is practiced with Rally style posts to allow more space and less spine twisting for larger dogs. Class includes a 'Mini Tunnel', too! Surely a fun way to exercise - for you and your pet!

These recreational (not competition) classes follow an AKC Jumpers format and do not include contacts as in standard Agility. No teeter, dog walk or A-frame obstacles.

Each obstacle is introduced to help your dog become comfortable performing it correctly and with confidence. Pets are not rushed. As previously introduced in my Results Obedience and Manners prerequisite classes, body language and foot work for you will be emphasized in agility as well. For this reason, taking the O&M Two, (even better a Two Plus! or Rally-O) class is required before or while starting in my Recreational Agility class.

Note: We do not throw pieces of food or toys to have pets go through and over various obstacles. Nor do we use luring throughout the whole course. As in the previous training done here, we engage and train 'with our pets'!

To help provide a safe environment, classes are structured. Trainers and pets are not to perform obstacles until instructed. This includes before, during and after class.

Agility classes are held on a carpet floor! With consideration to growth plates, note older pups and young dogs will not be jumping full heights.

To avoid disappointment, please advise interest in this class as you are doing basic classes. My upcoming offerings with BCE are scheduled months in advance. When offered, please be sure to register early as classes have minumums and maximums, thank you!

Recreational Agility Classes!

Register for my Rec. Agility classes with BCE. If only a group offering is listed to enroll in, I (Instructor) will divide the class.
Divisions will be made for PreAgility for Puppies, Rec. Agility Level One or Two per trainer and pet experience as noted below.
Classes may be combined depending on registrations. Times noted are to fill in the generic field for registration purposed. Classes run 45 minutes to an hour and will be confirmed after registraton closes depending on enrollment.
Thank you for your understanding. Any Q's, contact the instructor, not BCE.

Please see the Schedule page for upcoming offerings and fees. Use the link at the top of this page and scroll down to the Agility classes.

PreAgility for Puppies!

Prerequisite: Results! in house Trainer and Pet currently attending with instructor permission or a recent Results Puppy Class graduate.
All ages are welcome. Inquire at class or send the instructor an email. (Do not contact BCE)

Obstacle introduction: Mini tunnel and assorted jumps which are low and safe.
This class is held on carpet - not on a slippery floor.

This is great for confidence and bond building and may be repeated until your puppy ages out.

Recreational Agility - Level One

Prerequisite: Results! - Pawformance O&M Two (Rally preferred if available) and instructor permission. This level is done on leash.

Obstacles include various jumps, mini tunnel and Rally-Obedience style weaves (less twisting reduces stress on the spine).
Obstacle introduction and sequences are introduced.
Courses may be offered towards session end if your pet is ready.

Your dog's manners are important here, it should not bark or whine (in excess) nor challenge or lunge at other pets.

Please do not train ahead of the program for best Pawformance 'Results'! At this level, first and foremost is an enjoyable and safe time with your pet.

Recreational Agility - Level Two

Prerequisite: Results - Pawformance Agility - Level One and instructor permission.
May be off leash for some obstacles, sequences and courses with instructor permission.

At this level, courses are ran and pets may be starting off leash obstacle and sequences and as the training progresses.
Your dog must display good manners when excited and must be responsive to you.

Note: Only with instructor permission will pets do off leash obstacles, sequences and courses.

To help ensure a safe and enjoyable class, handler must follow instructor direction. In addition, aggressive dogs are not allowed to participate and will be excused.
Dogs that mark obstacles, bark, howl, whine or urinate in excess will be excused.

For the safety of your dog, veterinarian approval is strongly suggested if your dog is going to be jumping over elbow height.

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