Pawformance Dog Sports! AKC Jumpers with Weaves Agility (JWW)

You have probably watched agility on television - or at demonstrations. If you would rather play than watch, get off of the couch! If you have completed basic training, come play! Basic training is necessary for an enjoyable class - the theme of the classes here are to do agility with your dog(s) at a comfortable pace.

Competition or 'relaxed' recreation - you and your dog will enjoy this class. Various jumps, the tire (hoop), tunnel and weave poles offer a fun way to exercise - for you and your pup!
Note: Class does not include contact teeter, dog walk or A-frame obstacles.

To help ensure a safe and enjoyable class, handler must follow instructor direction. In addition, aggressive dogs are not allowed to participate and will be excused.
Dogs that mark obstacles, bark, howl, whine or urinate in excess will be excused.

For the safety of your dog, veterinarian approval is required if your dog is going to be jumping over elbow height and a signed and dated letter stating same on your veterinarian's letterhead needs to be on file here. Yearly updates are required stating your dog is sound to do agility.

Class maximums and minimums are required. Classes will be held at the Howell Bennet building which has a new non-tile floor, more floor space as items are no longer stored along the wall and A/C!! To avoid disappointment, please register early, thank you!

Agility One Prerequisite:Results O&M Two or Two Plus! and/or instructor permission. This class introduces obstacles slowly for confidence building - we do not throw pieces of food into tunnels or over jumps. Each obstacle is introduced to help your dog become comfortable performing it correctly. Correct body language and foot work for you is emphasized as well. Your dog will encouraged to make progress. Please do not train ahead of the program for best Pawformance Results!. At this level, first and foremost is an enjoyable and safe time with your paws.

Agility Two Prerequisite: Results O&M Three and/or instructor permission. At this level, you do not have to have an Animal Planet superstar to play! Your dog must display good manners when excited and not bark in excess nor challenge other pets. Most of the trainers do agility here for recreation only and that is fine.

If titling does interest you, please advise to help ensure you and your pup do not develop issues that may hamper same... Please do not train ahead of the program. An Agility Three level will be added for off leash training for those ready!

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