Drop In & Pay Specials (DI&P)

Note: Results entry level prerequisites are required for the Drop In & Pay offerings below.
DI&P offerings or clinics are one time events with payment due to me upon arrival.
Go to the top of Schedule page for upcoming dates, use the link top right - blue rectangle.

Location: Brighton Comm. Ed. Hilton (Summer - Scranton Elementary) or
Howell Area Parks & Recreation Authority Bennett Center at 925 W. Grand River.

Reactive?!?! Relax...
Prerequisite: Results trainer that has attended my Orientation and is in need of extra help with a pet that gets overly excited.
This type of pet is best helped in the company of other people and pets! Thus, home privates usually do not help.
Attend this for handling tips that may help when away and while attending your regular group class.
All ages and pets in the program are accepted. Questions? Please inquire.

Manners Rule! Drop In & Pay Upon Arrival
Prerequisite: Results trainer that has attended my Orientation and is in need of extra help with a sassy pet! All ages accepted.
Is your smart pup training you? Handling recommendations to establish leadership skills with respect to drives.
Attend this 'semi' private lesson instead of a home private if desired. (Save $). See top of this page FMI.

Puppy Sports! For Results Puppy class grads OR pups currently in week #5 or #6 of the current session are welcome.
Continue socializing, meet new friends and learn new skills.
An introduction to low and safe step-over agility obstacles and other confidence building exercises.
Retrieve interest? Bring a 10' - 20' long line and several non-squeak and non-messy retrieve items.
If your pup is doing singles well, doubles may be introduced, inquire. Fun!

Obedience & Manners Practice - Drop In & Pay - All Levels Welcome!
Prerequisite: O&M One Grads - For ALL levels of O&M Trainers and/or instructor permission. Inquire!
Terrific opportunity to practice with others within the program. Semi-structure includes personal practice.

Bring: Your pet's blue Results! folder as there may be a handout.
Equipment from last class, mat and health updates (if any).

AKC Beginner Novice (BN) and/or Companion Dog (CD) Show Obedience Intro Clinic

A One Class Clinic. Prerequisite: Results Obedience & Manners (O&M) Two graduates that have an interest in pursuing an AKC obedience title. Exercises, ring patterns and rules explained with handouts! Practice is available in my O&M Three-Four class with instructor permission needed to join. MIxed breeds and purebred dogs are accepted.

The following exercises and requirements for each title will be explained. SE Michigan offers many trials to compete at. All training is done without treats and clickers - a brilliant extension of the Results base training!

The Beginner Novice (BN) degree exercises:

Heel on Leash with a fast and slow (both return to normal) pace, left, right and about turns and a halt with a sit at the end of the pattern.

Figure 8' Heel pattern. The judge will call "Halt" and your dog should sit when you stop.

Sit for Exam by the judge which is done on leash.

Sit Stay with the leash attached resting next to your dog. You leave your dog in the middle of the ring. Your dog is to stay in the sit while you walk the perimeter of the ring and return to your dog going around to the heel position.

Recall with the dog to sit in front, no finish is required. This is done off leash with you at a distance of 25' away when you call.

The Companion Dog (CD) exercises include the above exercises with a Heel Off Leash pattern and a Stand for Exam replaces the Sit for Exam. In addition, a group sit and down stay is perfomed instead of the solo Sit Stay. The above exercises will be discussed and practiced with your dog. You may then continue training in my group class per your interest(s). This is a one time clinic as with your base training and practice in my group show obedience class (currently shared with Rally-O), will give you the tools you need to compete. Show and titling requirements will be discussed. In brief: There is a simple process to register your pet with AKC to compete at AKC Trials. Three qualifying scores under two different judges are required to title.

Bring: Your folder, health updates if any, your pet, leash, long line and park-it mat!

AKC Rally-Obedience Intro Clinic

A Two Class Clinic which introduces the novice level Rally-O signs and exercises. This two part intro is required before joining the O&M Level Three - Rally-Obedience group class.

The Rally-O cards are displayed in courses similiar to a Rally Car course. Signs are displayed with various exercises that you and your dog perform at each station as you move through the course. Note, Rally-O is more relaxed than formal obedience. You are not only allowed, but encouraged to give praise and talk to your dog! If you are interested in showing for a title there are many events held in SE Michigan.

Prerequisite Obedience Level Two graduates and/or with instructor permission. Please join the first available clinic offered following your last class. This may be offered as a Drop In & Pay. Note if attending a DI&P event, payment is for each class. Also, Rally-O Intro #1 (no pets) is required before taking Rally-O Intro #2 (with pet).

If you are not interested in a title, but would like to do the class for fun - you are welcome! There is no pressure to title. Note, mixed breeds may be registered to compete if s/he is spayed/neutered. Great for dogs that need a job - espcecially in the winter when cabin fever may set in!

FMI on Rally - click on the American Kennel Club (AKC) link at the end of the Trainer's Bark Newsletter page on this web site. Look up Rally Obedience for more information and titling requirements on same.

Great dog manners are necessary as the second level of our Rally-O class has pets off leash. A good understanding and response to the exercises taught in our RDT Obedience & Manners Two by both trainer (you) and your dog is also necessary to get the most from this level of training. Building on the O&M Two exercises, how-to train the Drop, Front, Finishes and more!

Intro Class One - Bring Your Folder - No Pets! Health updates if any. Note - Your pet does not attend so you may concentrate on the new information. The second class, you and your pet practice doing courses. This class may be repeated for a brush up if desired!

Intro Class Two - Bring: Your folder, your pet, leash, long line and park-it mat!

Dynamics! For Agility, Rally & Serious Obedience Trainers

Dynamics! is a wonderful learning experience offered in two formats! It may be offered as a clinic. If a clinic, you may attend with your dog (working) or you may audit (watch - no dog). It breaks down various exercises in a format which enables people to become better trainers and teachers.

For the exhibitor, especially the person that is cross training in conformation, it helps to clarify what type of performance is desired. Do you get sits in the conformation ring and lack of attention or enthusiasm in the obedience ring? Are you interested in perfecting your dog's attention, increasing motivation and reducing boredom by having more fun with your obedience?

Are you in need of better footwork and body language and more confidence?? Do you want to learn doodling exercises, footwork drills, proofing and more for Agility handling and Obedience?

Developing better timing, reading your dog and and how to play while you are training will be covered along with the mechanics.

If offered as a class, it is limited to our Obedience Level Three participants or Obedience Two grads with instructor permission. If in cllinic form, working or auditing spots are available. Please see the Schedule Page for offerings under Pawformance Dog Sports!

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