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Last updated Wed, Jan 29, 2020

Results - Pawformance Sports!

Enhancements to our Awards and Schedule pages are done! Thanks for your patience...both are much easier to navigate now with the new links. I wish I would have added them years ago! My next project - a page with my pups including my Chelsea Golden Retriever. Highlights of the wonderful seven generations of Goldens and their people I have known starting with my first "Chelsea" litter in 1980!

A Message from Mary T.

Inclement weather?

Brighton Community Ed: If Brighton Area Schools are closed, our evening classes are cancelled and every attempt will be made to rescedule. Major cancellations will be broadcast on WHMI (93.5 FM), WJR (760AM and/or WDIV (Channel 4).

Brighton (BCE) New! Results Pawformance Sports! Recreational Agility will be at Spencer Elementary on Tuesday evenings starting in March! With this rubber floored gym available to us now, I may offer an AKC Rally-O Advanced (RA) class later this year.

Notice re Howell Location: With much regret, my Results & Pawformance Sports! classes offered through Howell Area Parks & Rec Authority (HAPRA) are no longer available. The current administration has changed contract terms. Increased trainer numbers are required for my base classes to fly. In addition, my business cards are not allowed in the HAPRA lobby to promote my classes. I am sorry for inconvenience(s) this may have caused. Please consider joining classes offered through Brighton Community Ed. where my program is allowed more flexibility and support to help ensure classes fly. Thank you, Mary T.

Household Members? Please bring mature household members that can sit and stay throughout class to observe. Handling consistency is so important for the pets and training progress is so much easier when the household is on the same page. It may be difficult for my main trainer to convey the 'how and when to do's'. Thank you from me and your pet!

When in public with your pet, use common sense. Do keep your pets in 'clean' areas. If your pet will be socialzing in stores, day care/dog parks, please be smart. If you subject your pup to 'germs' (in the ground or air borne) which may linger after the affected pet has visited, you are gambling with your pet's health. Remember that (most) dog parks do not ask for fecal checks to clear pets using the venue. Note that it is not uncommon for parasites such as hook worms, whip worms, etc. to thrive. Thanks for your attention.

Potty Training When It's Cold Outside!

I personally train all of my pups to go outdoors. If weather warrants, put a coat or sweater on them. However, this time of year... it's tough! Especially if you have a very young pup or a frail, sick or older pet. If the weather is truly risky for your pet to be out in, temporarily train indoors. You may consider training your pet to go indoors if you have several flights of stairs to reach an exit door. Better to have your pet go in an acceptable indoor area than to decide to relieve itself in random areas...

Training indoors? Be sure to put a cheap piece of vinyl flooring down and then use potty pads or newspaper on top of this flooring. Position it by the exit door you have chosen. When the weather subsides, then train your pet to go outdoors. Some trainers prefer to use litter systems and/or potty pads forever. You know your situation and living environment. Do consider if your pet may be traveling with you - and - cross training if possible so your pet is comfortable in a variety of environments.

If you are going to be training to the outdoors, when your pet is used to going inside, plan ahead for a hopefully easy transistion. Be sure to shovel snow to the relief area and shovel down to grass. I do not recommend training to go on an adjoining deck as some pups may not leave this area and go in the designated potty area later if outdoors alone. Pick up any sticks and items that your pet may find interesting.

Simply get a 'sample' of pee and poo to take outdoors. Soak a paper towel with your pet's urine. Store in a ziploc bag by the exit door. When taking your pup out, pick up the soaked paper towel and put on the ground. With a little luck, your pet will make the connection and go. Remember not to praise until your pet is finished going (not when it begins) per discussion at class! Hurry back into the house and give a treat!

Do keep in mind, when traveling with your pet, it's best if your pet is comfortable on leash and able to potty away from home. For that reason, acclimating your pet to being on leash when relieving itself is a terrific idea. Some people never do this and their pet may resist going if leashed - so sad for the pup!

Slippery Outdoor Area? Use a pet-safe salt or substitue for safer footing. My go to is a pail of sand to spread. Keep it somewhere where it will not get wet and freeze solid. Some people use regular clay cat litter - I have had pups that wanted to eat it - thus, I don't use it.

If walking your pet in an area where regular salt may be? Example - sidewalks, roads and streets. There are special products you may purchase to provide your pet pad protection. I have used a dab of Vaseline on the bottom of feet, using same may keep the salt from burning. Be sure to wipe off your pet's feet when you're back indoors. Even better, dip each paw in a small pail with warm water and towell dry. The "Steady" is helpful if you have taught it!

Pet edibles from China!! This is very old news, but many well known stores have chosen to still sell treats on their shelves coming from China. There have been documented cases of thousands of pets that have died or became seriously ill from digesting food with toxins found in them in our country alone. Be sure to check labels and discard anything with "China" on it!! I find it sad what greed can do to people in the trade that we assume care about our pets... Too much info to share here on this subject - Google and learn.

Important Link Here:

FDA Pet Food Recalls & Withdrawals

DIY Long Line

If you are in need of a long line, looping two leashes together will work. Or, to save money - you may make one! Simply purchase parachute cord for smaller pets or clothesline or boat cord for larger ones and simply add a bolt snap. Adding another bolt snap at 20+ +/- intervals if longer lines are needed will save time if your pet may get tangled is a concern. Using a harness on your pet instead of a collar is recommended and be sure to supervise!

If you prefer to keep your pet in a limited area, consider an over head cable to provide for exercise. Consider ample 'head' room for people when setting this up! Again, a harness may provide a safer connection than a collar. Supervision is important, too. Pets can get tangled and visiting animals - including children - may come on to your property. : )

Nice compliments! One of the main reasons I have not stayed in retirement are the people I have the pleasure of training with. Those that appreciate and follow the common sense training utilized here and do the practice correctly. It very well may make a big difference when keeping their pups safe!
I find it especially cool when pets respond to the #1 command in my world - "Come!"...

During a Brighton O&M One class, Jessica P. told the class that her recently acquired five year old (!) rescue Labrador Retriever, "Bailey" escaped and was running the neighborhood. Prior to Bailey joining Jess' household, she was kept in an outdoor 4' x 6' kennel all by herself for most of her five years. Note Jess lives on a subdivision corner without fencing. As the "Come!" command was not happening - not a surprise being she was so neglected and probably heard the word in many incorrect ways forever, Jess was adding training done with "Diesel" her first Labrador who was in the Results program last year. Jess had introduced Bailey to "Home" when leash walking per instruction. When Bailey escaped, standing in her front yard, Jess simply called out "Home!!!!" Bailey stopped in her tracks and ran 'home' to Jess to get her praise!!!

Also very cool "Come!" responses recently shared from:
Carrie B. when Cocker Spaniel "Mason" CGC was accidently out on a 'neighborhood cruise'. Carrie lives in a busy neighborhood with much traffic - both vehicles, people and pets. First time "Come" with signal had him running home!
Natalie B. when Shetland Sheepdog "Boomer" RN,who is very quick went on street patrol. He was several houses away... Natalie was wearing her evening attire and out at the road...happily a short venture!
Gail B. and Labrador Retriever "Rio" was shared at the O&M Two class Wednesday. Another camping trip with nature calling, but Gail's "Come!" had more pull.
Most recently, Charlene P. and her Golden Retriever and Poodle mix "Heyde" - another neighborhood cruise in progress cut short with a "Come!" and open arms!!

ALL "Come!" responses above were done without food/toys/treats and no electronics! Talk about "Results!" - sincere kudos to all!!

Cool "Come" to share? Shoot me an email and I will include you and your pup above!

Much Appreciation for Recent Demonstrations!

Late Fall 2019:

Sherry F. & UKC Champion "Jasper" CGC - American Cocker Spaniel - Howell Oct. demo
Dave S. & "Gordie" - Labrador Retriever - Silver
Beth H. & "Walter" - Pekingese
Jen H. & "Nellie" - Chihuahua

January 2020:

Beth H. & "Walter" - Pekingese
Jen H. & "Nellie" - Chihuahua
Maureen K. & "Suki" - Labrador Retriever & Poodle mix
Kathy L. & "Louie" - Golden Retriever

Demo take away tips: Take notes, pay attention to the nuances, practice and have fun!

Please help to spread the word! Your referrals are most appreciated. Business cards are available for drop off at pet related businesses and veterinary hospitals. I do run into people almost every week that are not aware that I am running classes again. Please share when you can! Much of my business is word of mouth and spreading the word will help ensure I'm still running when you get a future pup, thank you!

Fowlerville News & Views Newspaper will occasionally run ads. Look for Results - Pawformance Sports! in the Business Classifieds!

An occasional ad in The Marketeer and/or Hartland Community Life may be placed several times a year, too. Prime time is when Brighton Community Ed does not have a recent brochure mailing.

Business cards are available! If you are able to put some on display at your pet's vet office, groomer or where you shop, please take some and help spread the word. The cards are on the trainers table at class. Being largely a referral business, a sincere thank you to those that help to spread the word. Doing so helps to ensure I will be teaching when you start your next future pet, thank you!

Enjoy the journey with your pet!
Puppy breath, a few white hairs then a silver muzzle... Time goes much too fast!
I hope training with your pet becomes one of your happiest 'places', no matter where are!
My best, Mary T.

2019 Results & Pawformance Rendevous Titles & Honorifics!

Sherry F. - UKC CH. Jasper CGC - American Cocker Spaniel
United Kennel Club Champion! - 09-28 and 9-29-18 - Bay Area Regional KC New title - Second place!
*New UKC Champion Title - owner handled with a Gun Dog Group First and Group Fourth!
Canine Good Citizen - 10-18 - American Cocker Spaniel Specialty Show
Jasper's first time testing, Sherry entered Jasper who was currently in O&M Two "...on a lark" - very cool!

Cathy V. - "Riley" CGC - Labrador Retriever
Confirmation of title - will update when more info is known

Several trainers will be in the rings in 2020 - fun!

2018 Results & Pawformance Rendevous Titles & Honorifics!

Natalie B. - "Boomer" - Boomer Brat RN -Shetland Sheepdog
Rally-Novice (RN) #1 leg - 01-20-18 - Livonia KC - Qualified - First trial - With Call Ducks doing herding nearby!
RN #2 leg - 01-21-18 - Oakland County KC - Trial #1 - Much better score in spite of the Call Ducks...
RN #3 leg - 01-21-18 - Oakland County KC - Trial #2 Entry of 8 New title - Second place!
*Rally Novice Title from Novice B Class in three consecutive trials and second place
with Call Duck herding demos across the aisle!

Nancy A. - "Sadie" CGC & TD -Poodle Mix
Canine Good Citizen and Love On a Leash Therapy Test - OTC of Greater Lansing - 4-05-18
With active obedience training classes in the next ring!

Carrie S. - "Mason" CGC - Cocker Spaniel
Canine Good Citizen Test - Saginaw Valley KC (Birch Run) - 4-07-18
Mason's first time testing and at an all breed busy dog show!

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Welcome all to Results and Pawformance Sports!

Brighton - Puppy - September - Wednesdays
Shyrl C. (Bob R.) & "Angus" - Cairn Terrier
Karen E. & "Gigi" - Pomerian & Siberian Husky mix
Ann H. & "Golda" - Golden Retriever
Laurel (Jacob) L. & "Lilo" (Lee-low) - Golden Retriever & Poodle mix
Debra Q. & "Diego" - Labrador Retriever - Red Fox
David S. & "Gordie" - Labrador Retriever - Silver
Melissa V. & "Brady" - Golden Retriever
Lynn (Makenzi & Kami) & "Ellie Wade" - Miniature Poodle & Golden Retriever mix
Sandra (Terry) W. & "Zoey" - Miniature Poodle & Bernese Mountain Dog mix

Howell - Puppy - October - Mondays
Peggy C. & "Charlie" - Toy Fox Terrier
Mike (Karen) D. & "Skye" - German Shepherd Dog
Rickie H. (Debbie F.) & "Gracie" - Australian Shepherd
Andrea H. & "Maizie" - Golden Retriever
Julie M. & "Rougarou" - Rhodesian Ridgeback (sibling of "Reba" below)
Stacy M. & "Otis" - Labrador Retriever - Yellow
Angie P. & "Bro" - Shih-Tzu
Leslie S. & "Reba" - Rhodesian Ridgeback (sibling of "Rougarou" above)
Kyle (Holly) S. & "Juniper" - Bernese Mountain Dog & Great Pyrenees mix

Brighton - Puppy - October
Autumn A. & "Alfie" - Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle mix
Steve (Kathy) C. & "Sonny" - Golden Retriever
Miki J. & "Mogy"- Golden Retriever
Dan K. (Sheida E.) & "TBD" - Labrador Retriever & Pitbull mix
Lee K. (Georgia M.) & "Jonas" - Miniature Schnauzer
Jennifer M. & "Gracie" - Boxer & Rottweiler mix
Jeannie M. & "Misha" - Labrador Retriever & Siberian Husky mix
Lynne S. & "Addy" - Labrador Retriever & Poodle mix
Sharon Y. & "Michiway" - Siberian Husky

Brighton - Puppy - January 2020
Richard (Patricia) D. & "Diva" - Golden Retriever & Poodle mix
Kahley G. & "Kizer" - Labrador Retriever mix
Mike S. & "Pepper" - Labrador Retriever & Australian Shepherd mix
Sharon S. & "Jack" - Labrador Retriever & Australian Shepherd mix
Jean (MIchael-son) W. & "Harley" - German Shepherd & Labrador Retriever mix

Howell - O&M One - September - Tuesdays
Ruth C. & "Rocky" - Shih-tzu, Poodle & Havanese mix
Chris D. & "Dakota" - Labrador Retriever & Rhodesian Ridgeback mix
Jack D. & "Gnarly" - Boxer
Karen D. & "Sally" - Boxer
Lisa (Tom) E. & "Tucker" - Standard Poodle & Golden Retriever mix
Barbara M. & "Gracie" - Boxer
Debbie (Tom) P. & "Peanut" - Labrador Retriever & Poodle mix

Brighton - O&M One - September - Wednesdays
Karen B. & "Lola" - Shih-tzu
Eric (Katie) H. & "River" - Spinone Italiano
Maureen K. & "Suki" - Labrador Retriever & Poodle mix
Shannon N. & "Karma" - Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Mary P. & "Jacqson" - Whippet
Danielle (Josh) & "Presley" - Australian Shepherd & Standard Poodle mix
Linda S. & "Rocky" - Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier mix
Lynn S. & "Nala" - Labrador Retriever & Poodle mix
Spring W. & "Ozzy" - Yorkshire Terrier

Brighton - O&M One - October - Wednesdays
Laura A. & "Stella" - Chihuahua mix
Michelle (Chris) B. & "Norris" - Golden Retriever & Poodle mix
Julie C. & "Bernie" - Newfoundland
Julie G. & "Hildi" - Dutch Shepherd
Beth H. & "Coco" - Dachsund mix
Kathy L. & "Louie" - Golden Retriever - moved to O&M Two
Julie M. & "Sadie" - Maltese & Miniature Schnauzer mix
Debbie (Tom) P. & "Peanut" - Labrador Retriever & Poodle mix
Dave S. & "Gordie" - Labrador Retriever - Silver
Tenely S. & "Missy" - Golden Retriever

Brighton - O&M One - January 2020 - Wednesdays
Misty (Dave) B. & "Sadie" - German Shepherd
Will F. & "J.J." - English Springer Spaniel
Jeff (Cindy) P. & "Paisley" - Standard Poodle - Tuxedo Parti
Ann H. & "Golda" - Golden Retriever
Bob (Tish) K. & "Wyatt" - Maltese & Pomerian mix
Regina K. & "Riley" - Border Collie
Miki J. & "Mogy" - Golden Retriever
Leah (Brad) S. & "Ellie" - Labrador Retriever - Red Fox
Kelsey V. & "Atticus" - German Shepherd

Howell - O&M Two - September - Tuesdays
Terry F. & "Rory" - Brittany
Sherry F. & "Jasper" - American Cocker Spaniel
George G. & "Sadie" - Standard Poodle
Nancy W. & "Alice" - Pomeranian

Brighton - O&M Two - November - Wednesdays
Eric (Katie) H. & "River" - Spinoni Italiani
Maureen K. & "Suki" - Labrador Retriever & Poodle mix
Kathy L. & "Louie" - Golden Retriever
Shannon N. & "Karma" - Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Lynn S. & "Nala" - Labrador Retriever & Poodle mix

Howell - Obedience & Manners (O&M) Two Plus! - September - Tuesdays
Cathy (Bill) A. & "Hairyit" - Maltese & Yorkshire Terrier mix
Joan B. & "Shady" - Weimaraner
Beth H. & "Sir Walter - Pekingese
Jen H. & "Nellie" - Chihuahua
April J. & "Maisy" - Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Cathy (Don) & "Vinnie" - Labrador Retriever - Chocolate
Sandy O. & "Casey" - Labrador Retriever - Chocolate
John (Nancy) W. & "Ranger" - Rat Terrier

Howell - O&M Two Plus! - November - Mondays
Sherry F. & UKC Ch. "Jasper" CGC- American Cocker Spaniel
George (Marge) G. & "Sadie" - Standard Poodle
Cathy (Don) & "Vinnie" - Labrador Retriever - Chocolate
Kris N. & "Stu" - Portuguese Water Dog

Brighton Class Share - O&M Two and Two Plus! - January 2020 - Wednesdays
Julie (Chuck) C. & "Bernie" - Newfoundland
David S. & "Gordie" - Labrador Retriever - Silver

Cathy (Don) K. & "Vinnie" - Labrador Retriever - Chocolate
Maureen K. & "Suki" - Labrador Retriever & Poodle mix
Kathy L. & "Louie" - Golden Retriever
John (Nancy) W. & "Ranger" - Rat Terrier

Pawformance Sports! - AKC Rally-Obedience - Recreational or Show

Brighton - AKC Rally-O- January 2020 - Thursdays
Cathy (Bill) A. & "Hairyit" - Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier mix
Kris N. & "Stu" - Portuguese Water Dog (pending or drop-in)
Carrie S. (Robert L.) & "Mason" CGC - American Cocker Spaniel

Pawformance Sports! Recreational Agility - Levels One and Two

Rec. Agility - Levels One & Two - July - Mondays
Cathy A. & "Hairyit" - Maltese & Yorkshire Terrier mix
Natalie B. & "Boomer" RN (Rally-Obed. title) - Shetland Sheepdog
Beth H. & "Walter" - Pekingese
Jeni H. & "Nellie" - Chihuahua
April J. & "Maisy" - Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pending Drop In & Pay:
Joan B. & "Shady" - Weimaraner
Marilyn V.-C. & "Wyatt" - Labrador Retriever - Black
George G. & "Storm" RN (Rally-Obed. title) - Doberman Pinscher

Rec. Agility - Level Two - November - Mondays
Cathy (Bill) A. & "Hairyit" - Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier x
Joan B. & "Shady" - Weimaraner
George G. & "Storm" RN (AKC Rally-Obed. title) - Doberman Pinscher
Jeni H. & "Nellie" - Chihuahua
April J. & "Maisy" - Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pending Drop In & Pay:
Marilyn V.-C. & "Wyatt" - Labrador Retriever - Black

Brighton - Rec. Agility - Level Two - March 2020 - Tuesdays
John (Nancy) & "Ranger" - Rat Terrier

Warning - training here can be habit forming, people and paws have fun!

Merci Becoup!

All class participants that help set up and clean up after class! In addition:
Beth H. & "Sir Walter" - Pekingese - Brighton Oct. & Jan. 2020 demo
Jen H. & "Nell" - Chihuahua - Brighton Oct. demo & Jan. 2020 demo
Maureen K. & "Suki" - Labrador Retriever & Poodle mix - Jan. demo
Kathy L. & "Louie" - Golden Retriever - Jan. demo
Dave S. & "Gordie" - Labrador Retriever - Silver - Brighton Oct. demo
Sherry F. & UKC Champion "Jasper" CGC - American Cocker Spaniel - Howell Oct. demo
Mary Ellen P. & "Jacques" - Whippet - Extra help after B O&M One Sept. class
Linda S. & "Rocky" - Maltese & Yorkshire mix - Extra help after B O&M One Sept. class
Tom (Debbie) P. - "Peanut" - Labrador Retriever & Poodle - Extra help after Brighton & Howell classes
Beth H. & "Sir Walter" - Pekingese - Brighton Sept. demo
Jen H. & "Nell" - Chihuahua - Brighton Sept. demo
Kathy K. & "Maddy" - Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Brighton Sept. demo
Mary P. & "Frida" - Whippet - Brighton Sept. demo
Linda and John S. - Rocky - Maltese & Yorkshire Terrier mix - Brighton demo set up and clean up

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The BEST Testimonials - Returning trainers
or their immediate family members with a NEW PET!

Sharon Y. & "Michiway" - Siberian Husky - Brighton Puppy
Mike (Karen) D. & "Skye" - German Shepherd Dog - Howell Puppy

Ann H. & "Golda" - Golden Retriever - Brighton Puppy
Debra Q. & "Diego" - Labrador Retriever - Red Fox - Brighton Puppy
Mary E. P. - "Jacques" - Whippet - Brighton O&M One

Jen (Beth) H. & "Joey" - Chihuahua & Rat Terrier mix - Howell O&M One
Lisa (Tom) E. & "Tucker" - Standard Poodle & Golden Retriever mix (coincidence!) - Howell Puppy
Kathy M. & "Maddy" - Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Howell Puppy
Phil S. & "Milo" - Australian Shepherd - Howell Puppy

Nancy W. & "Alice" - Pomeranian - Howell O&M Level One
Robert L. (Carrie S.-L.) L. & "Lucy" - American Cocker Spaniel & Golden Retriever mix - Brighton Puppy
John G. & "Tess" - Golden Retriever - Howell Puppy
George (Marge) G. & "Sadie" - Standard Poodle - Howell Puppy Plus! and Brighton O&M Level One

Debbie (Tom) P. & "Peanut" - Labrador Retriever & Poodle - Howell Puppy
Cindy R. & "Kyra" - Jack Russell x - Howell O&M Level One
Karen (Denny) W. & "Millie" - Standard Poodle - Howell O&M Level One
Karen (Denny) W. & "Maggie" - Standard Poodle - Howell O&M Level One

Donna M. & "Riley" - Australian Shepherd - Howell O&M Level One
Susy H. & "Theo" - Boxer - Brighton Puppy
Kris N. & "Stu" - Portuguese Water Dog - Brighton Puppy
Gayle (Gerry) S. & "Roxy" - German Shepherd x - Brighton Puppy
Heather S. & "Bill" - Labrador Retriever - Brighton Puppy

Teri H. & "Monty" - English Springer Spaniel - Brighton O&M Level One
Debbie (Tom) P. & Bella - Labrador Retriever & Poodle - Brighton Puppy
Melissa P. & "Charliee" - Labrador Retriever & Poodle - Brighton Puppy
John R. & "Chico" - Belgian Tervuren - Brighton Puppy
Wendy C. & "Indy" - St. Bernard - Howell Puppy

Allison R. & Blueberry "Muffin" - Miniature Australian Shepherd - Howell Puppy
Don R. & Malibu "Boo" - Pitbull Terrier x - Howell Puppy
Carrie S. (Robert) & "Monty" - Cocker Spaniel - Brighton Puppy
Jenny H. & "Nellie" - Chihuahua - Brighton O&M One
Beth H. & "Sir Walter" - Pekingese - Howell Puppy

Jackie W. & "Sailor" - Miniature Australian Shepherd & Poodle - Howell Puppy
Carie & Steve Z. & "Buck" - Labrador Retriever - Black - Howell Puppy
Jessica P. & "Bailey" - Labrador Retriever - Brighton O&M Level One
Jodi C. & "Gus" - Golden Retriever - Howell Puppy
Nicole K. & "Ray" - Labrador Retriever x - Howell Puppy
Karen D. & "Sally" - Boxer - Howell Puppy
Jack D. & "Gnarly" - Boxer - Howell Puppy

Cathy A. (Bill) & "Hairyit" - Maltese & Yorkshire Terrier x - O&M Level One
Brenda H. & "Tucker" - Golden Retriever & Standard Poodle x - Brighton Puppy
Sue H. & "Tessa" - Boston Terrier - Brighton Puppy
Jessica and Doug H. & "Minnie" - Boston Terrier - Brighton Puppy

Thank You!

If you are happy with the training here, please share with others! Referring others will help ensure the program continues and classes will be available when you may have training needs in the future. If you are not happy, please let me know. If I missed your name, know I appreciate your referral just the same. Mary T.

Much appreciation to the following veterinarians, their staff, RDT & PDS trainers and friends for 2019, 2018 and 2017 referrals:
Brighton VCA Animal Hospital; Dr. Kathleen Gannon owner Ore Creek Veterinary Clinic; Fowlerville Veterinary Hospital, Town Center Veterinary Assoc., Town & Country Animal Hospital; Animal Clinic of Pinckney; Dr. Lindamood, Howell Animal Hospital; Capital Area Humane Society; Companion Animal Hospital; Dandy Acres Veterinary Clinic; Hartland Animal Hospital; Healthy Pet Veterinary Hospital; Highland Veterinary Hospital; Humane Society of Livingston County; Livingston County Animal Control; Mill Pond Animal Hospital; Roadside Veterinary Clinic; South Lyon Animal Hospital; Veterinary Medical Center; White Lake Veterinary Hospital; Cherry Hill Veterinary Hospital/Debra Zarish DVM; Woodland Animal Hospital; Brady Kennels and (now closed) Bathe Your Buddy LLC.

Michael Page DDS & "Dudley" - Golden Retriever @ the bridge; Carolyn L. & "Eevee" - Poodle mix; Laura M. - Newfoundlands/Office Mgr. Fowlerville Vet; Richard J.; Lynn B. & "Charley" - Briard; Joy L. - SunnyDream Golden Retrievers; Julie M. & "Rougaroo" - Rhodesian Ridgeback; Katny S. of Preview Properties; Jack & "Gnarles" and Karen & "Sally" D. - Boxers; Mary Ellen P. & "Frida" and "Jacques" - Whippets; Kathy B. & "Mecka" - Standard Poodle & Golden Retriever; Andrea S. & multiple Miniature Schnauzers; Tia (Mary) H. daughter; Jaimie P. (Ryan P.) & "Millie" - Golden Retriever and Poodle mix; Sherry and Shannon F. & "Celia" and "Beatrice" (Golden Retrievers at the bridge); Tracy P.; Heather S. & "Bill" - Labrador Retriever and "Alex" Bernese Mountain Dog (at the bridge); April D. & "Ranger" - Boxer; Jackie D. & "Giorgio" - Maltese & Poodle; Bill S. - Hartland Pickleball; Livia & Bryan w/"Jasper" - German Shorthair Pointer's neighbor; Britney M. & "Trudy" - Black Lab Mix's Aunt; Gerry (Gayle) S. & "Roxy" - German Shepherd x / past "Cooper" - Golden Retriever; Bruce N. & "Duke" - Bullmastiff; Wendy C. & "Indy" St. Bernard and numerous Newfoundlands; Rhonda M. & U-CD, U-AG1 Mikkie CGC - German Shepherd x( at the bridge); Joseph R.'s brother in law; Mary Lindamood DVM, Howell Animal Hospital; Paradise Dog Training; Erik Corbett D.V.M. - Town Center Veterinary Hospital & "Morgan" - Mini Aussie x; Allison R. & Blueberry "Muffin", "Kita" & "Roo"; Beth T. & "Sebastian" - many breeds!; Dr. Corbett - Town Center Vet. - many!!; Dr. Weber - South Lyon Animal Clinic - many!!; Marilyn V.-C. & "Wyatt" - Labrador Retriever; Dr. Gannon - Ore Creek Vet - again!; Carolyn LaP. & "Eevee" - Golden Retriever & Poodle x - twice!; Nancy & John W. & "Ranger" - Rat Terrier, again!; Thia E. & "Maggie" - Lab x; Kathy B. - again!; Kathy G.; Laura M. again! (Fowlerville Vet Office Mgr) & "latest project" Ch. Marina - Newfoundland; Amy & "Finnegan" - Golden Retriever & Poodle; Nancy (John) & "Ranger" - Rat Terrier; Ingrid - Hartland Pickleball!; Joy Redmund DVM - Dandy Acres Vet Hospital; Kasey H. & "Obi" - Beagle x; Cathleen Weber DVM - South Lyon Animal Clinic; Claudia T. - Hartland Pickleball; Jenna Corbett DVM - Town Center; Howell Animal Hospital; Casey H. & "Kai" - Labrador Retriever; Jack and Carolyn L. (2x) & "Eevee" - Labrador Retriever & Poodle; Caroline W. & "Zeke" - German Shepherd Dog; Neighbor of Jessica P. & "Diesel'; Anna D. & Piper CGC - Labrador Retriever & others!; Maureen H.; Amber L.; Dr. Gannon - Ore Creek Veterinary Hospital, Hartland; Laura M. & current 'project' (Laura's words, not mine!) Gr. Ch. "Marina" and numerous Newfoundlands & "Galley" - Beagle; Mary H. - Stablemate Australian Shepherds; Dennis, of Howell Parks & Rec.; Mary D. & "Maize"; Erik Corbett D.V.M. - Town Center Veterinary Hospital & "Morgan" - Mini Aussie x; Dr. Gannon - Ore Creek Vet; Dr. Lawrence, Dr. Lee and Dr. Aubrey - all from Brighton Animal Hospital

Recent Reviews, Testimonials & Thank You Notes!


Thank you for all that you have done for Jasper and I!! Looking forward to seeing you in the New Year. Sherry F. & UKC Champion "Jasper" CGC (Canine Good Citizen) - American Cocker Spaniel - (Puppy, Obedience & Manners One, O&M Two, PreAgility and O&M Two Plus!)

Hi Mary, ...Thank you again for all the help you gave me with Dante...He is now 95 lbs...looks great... Diane R. & "Dante" - Bouvier duh Flandres - (Obedience & Manners One and O&M Two)

Hi Mary, I really like your class and training philosophy...Thank you!!! Stacy M. & "Otis" - Labrador Retriever - (Puppy Class)

We just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I've (Don J.) probably learned more than Artemis has. We will be continuing on with your training classes. .... Thanks again, we enjoy you and hope to see you very soon. Don, Cindy, and "Artemis" - Rottweiler (Obedience & Manners Two)

Hi Mary ...You do have a way with dogs and training them. I appreciate your patience and help. I will continue as I can with the different skills that (you) shared with us ... Thank you for your help. I wish you the best in the future. Jayne W. & "Breslin" - Australian Shepherd Note: Breslin moved out of the area with Jayne's daughter and will be missed!

Mary, I so appreciate your patience with me..I'm sure I'm the oldest student you've had to teach! ??. Well, I'm happy with Bud and his performance. We live in a condo community with lots of dog walkers..so my goal is to get him to walk without pulling..and not jumping on folks he encounters..id like a simple polite pup! Thanks for your patience..I'm sure we can do it! M - Marion D. & "Bud" - Poodle and Maltese mix (Marion enrolled, 83 years young!)

Thanks for the info Mary. ... We have been sharing your info with everyone because they are impressed with the manners Artemis displays. ... Thanks again and I hope we see you soon. Don (& Cindy) J. - "Artemis" - Rottweiler

Email received re leash walking help: Thank you, I could not believe how much of a difference it made. ... I am really looking forward to the progress we can make in class with a more focused dog. Have a great week! Justiina B. - "Crash" - Beagle x

Update! A visit by Jason & "Chief" - omg - what a fabulous dog he is turning into! I (Mary T.) showed Jason a few handling tips and Jason said it was like watching a 'pro' trained dog! Jason (and Dawn) have done great with Chief's training, so nice for me when trainers follow the program!
A beautiful picture received via email of Chief and Jason after a hunt with six retrieved birds. Jason writes: "Chief on his first pheasant hunt. He flushed a total of 11 birds he has a natural ability, his obedience was spot on in the field. Thank you for the direction with training..." - Jason S. and Chief - Labrador Retriever

Mary, ... I have really enjoyed and benefitted from your class and would like to continue on...Thanks for the advice! Becky S. - "Cooper" - Golden Retriever and Standard Poodle

Hi Mary T, Loki & I have really enjoyed your class & I would like to continue with more training. ...Tanya W. - "Loki" - Great Dane


Hi, Mary - Micky ... will turn 6 full months on January 10th... I thought I'd give you an update on his progress.  First, he retrieves extremely well ... also taught him to come running upon my whistle, even if he's in the middle of heading in the opposite direction ... Thanks, Mary, I appreciate your time and expertise.  Jane R. - Micky - English Shepherd

Mary, I just wanted to thank you again for ... teaching us how to train Bella. You truly gave us the best Christmas present ever, the hope that Bella can change. We are eternally grateful!  Sincerely,  Jen and Chris F.... - Bella - Labrador Retriever

For all the help with Rudy - Thank You! Genessa and Wes - Rudy - American Cocker Spaniel

Mary, I had a GREAT time last Monday... Storm really slept well... I just really enjoy the class and especially all the laughs we have.  Thanks for making it a nice atmosphere to learn and practice.  Again, sorry about being late but we did more courses than usual and it was FUN. George (Storm RN - Doberman Pinscher - October '18 - Agility Two)

Mary, Thank you for your help training my mommy to train me to be a good girl. I am trying really hard, my mommy really appreciates you and your kindness. xo, Bailey P. - Labrador Retriever

Mason passed his CGC! (AKC Canine Good Citizen Test). The judges loved him and said what a wonderful dog he is. I have happy tears in my eyes. Thank you so much for teaching us - Carrie S. & "Mason" CGC - Cocker Spaniel
(MT note: Carrie enjoys training so much, she replaced her manual wheel chair with a battery operated one last November to be able to handle a leash and her chair. This was her first test and she & Mason passed at the Saginaw Valley Kennel Club show with many distractions. : ) Congrats Carrie, Robert & Mason!)

Yeah!!! She passed the CGC and the Love on a Leash Therapy Dog Test! Thank you for all your great training! ... I wasn't sure how she would do when I got there as they use treats in training, but not during the test, and have two training rings with a class going on in one and several of us testing in the other. ...we were able to walk around to get her use to all the noise and smells, and she did just fine. The evaluator said she thinks she will be a very good therapy dog. Thanks again for everything! - Nancy A. & "Sadie" CGC & Therapy Test Pass - Multiple breeds and Poodle x

Hi Mary,  ...I also wanted to thank you for all of your help with Sophie, we have enjoyed working with you! ... Depending on how crazy things get when the baby is here, we might sign up to retake a class later this summer and try not to mess up Sophie's training too bad in the meantime!  Thanks again! Kristyn (Sophie - Pembroke Welsh Corgi)

During a Brighton O&M One class in March, Jessica P. shared that her recently acquired five year old (!) rescue Labrador Retriever, "Bailey" escaped and was running the neighborhood. Bailey was kept in an outdoor 4' x 6' kennel all by herself for most of her five years. As the "Come!" command was not happening - not a surprise being she was so neglected and probably heard the word in many incorrect ways forever. As done with "Diesel" her first Labrador who was in the Results program last year, Jess had introduced Bailey to "Home" when leash walking per instruction. Standing in her front yard, Jess simply called out "Home!!!!" Bailey stopped in her tracks and ran 'home' to Jess to get her praise!!! How cool is that?!?!

To view more Testimonials & Unsolicited Thank You Notes, scroll down ...

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Results Dog Training LLC - In the News!

Prior to our move and relocating...

October 2007 - Our Puppy Class page made the #1 Google - the #1 non-paid search hit - #1 of about 1,910,000 hits!!!! Thank you to all that contributed! Which explains why the phone has been sooooo busy!

Wow - ! Our RDT LLC Puppy Classes page was a non-paid (!) #1 Yahoo Puppy Classes search result in 2006! Very cool - #1 of about 2,710,000 hits on 09/04/06! And #12 Google see "Pawformance" Puppy Class; RDT LLC - of about 2,620,000 on this same date. Through the fall - still page one ranking. Thank you!!

Livingston Parent Journal, March 2006 issue, Raising A Dog In A House With Children has many tips in the article written by Mary T. Ratelle Hepp. A good read if you do not have little people or if you have young visitors, too!

Raising a Dog in a House with Children
Reprinted from the March 2006 Livingston Parent Journal

Best Friends Animal Society article Dog whisperer Taming ... canines with praise and love. April 2005

Michigan's The Livingston County Press - Argus Hometown Newspaper 'Neighbor' feature story titled 'Dog whisperer' tames wild-at-heart canines on Mary T. Ratelle Hepp and the RDT, LLC program! Published Wednesday, April 13, 2005.

'Dog whisperer' tames wild-at-heart canines

American Kennel Club (AKC) Gazette, See the January 2005 issue page 37 - Pictured doing the Agility A-Frame is Golden Retriever from our Michigan theme litter Chelsea's Say Yes - Holly! and breeder-handler Mary T. Ratelle Hepp, Judge Bud Houston.

The Marketeer Livingston County's foremost circular featured an article written by Mary in the June 1996 Pet Issue titled Your Dog and You - A Very Important Relationship!! with cover dog Golden Retriever "Mike" (bred, owned and handled Mary T. Ratelle) holding a copy of The Marketeer - photo by George Moses.

AAA's Michigan Living Magazine March 1996 pictured Mary T. Ratelle with Golden Retriever "Tricks"! (Chelsea's Ropin' Tricks CD, CGC) being awarded an obedience placement in 1995 at the prestigious Detroit Kennel Club show at Cobo Center.

Dog World Magazine , an international publication featured an article on the unique approach Mary T. Ratelle uses in her Results Dog Training program in their September 1991 issue titled Think Like Your Dog.

See the RDT LLC Trainer Awards page for present & previous years accomplishments in

Agility Obedience! Conformation! Junior handling & certificates Other Awards


Testimonials & Unsolicited Thank You Notes, continued from above...


Hi Mary, I hope you had a relaxing holiday! I wanted to share with you that Sophie got out without a leash recently and was swiftly evading Phil's efforts to catch her. I was in the house and couldn't even see her but I yelled "Sophie, come" and she immediately ran back to me - going right by Phil as she went.  I was so proud of her and happy to see that the training is catching on! Thank you!  ... I look forward to seeimg you in class again soon! Kristyn & "Sophie" - Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy

Regarding the new Puppy Plus! offering: "All signed up. Thanks for invite and adding the extra class. We love what we are seeing with Lucy Lou. Thanks" - Heather (Eric) S. & "Lucy Lou" - Cane Corso

Hi Mary, ... I want to thank you for all the tools and guidance you shared.  I have seen much progress with Emma, and hope to continue to work with her on everything.  We hope to enroll in another training class soon.  Thank you! Katie & "Emma" - Great Dane and Standard Poodle x

Mary ... Thank you for everything. We learned much from you and appreciate your love for our pets. We will see you again. Dave (Heather) & "Daisy" - Newfoundland

Hi Mary! Thank you for all the info ... I am really glad we were able to go through the puppy class! It has made a huge difference! When I call her with the come command from across the yard, she comes running. She also has a respect for me that the other dogs did not have until later. It really is an important class for building the foundation for future training.  And it's just right, it doesn't expect too much from a puppy, but definitely does build the respect. I'm loving my time with her! ...Thanks again! I will practice with Rio during the summer, and look forward to om1.  Gail B.

From Amy & "Griffey" - Golden Retriever and Standard Poodle: While searching for a puppy class for her new puppy, Amy was disappointed with what she was finding, even out of area. She spent much time researching and upon a referral from her vet at South Lyon Animal Clinic, she said finding my Results program was a "Breath of fresh air!". Thank you Amy and Dr. Weber!

2016 and prior:

Kind words recently from owners that were told their pets were the best behaved at boarding and/or vet offices from:
Linda B. & "Journey" - Border Collie and John (Nancy) W. & "Ranger" - Rat Terrier. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for the opportunity to participate (demo/mt) in your class tonight. I enjoyed it and it was good for Zoey as well. I hope that your class could see how much we enjoy the training, it truly is the highlight of my week. .... God bless, Holly & "Zoey" - American Eskimo

Hi Mary! ... I wanted to share that we took Zeke to Kensington Saturday and Sunday and he was an angel!  No barking at strangers, met lots of dogs with manners, ... and was exposed to rollerbladers, runners, kids, tricycles, etc etc.  And lots of dogs!  It was a success! Thank you for all of your continued help. :) Caroline W. & "Zeke" - German Shepherd
(Thanks for your note, C. Zeke is a on his way to stop over-thinking everything! It is terrific he is learning to relax and enjoy life! Great training 'wtih him', Caroline, Zeke is a very lucky puppy to have you! m.t.)

Ollie can't wait to see you. He said you are the only one that understands him. :) - Karen S. & "Ollie" - Golden Retriever

Hi Mary, I'm ready to come back with another puppy.... I have a new 4-1/2 month old ...Thaks a lot, looking foward to seeing you again. Jan S. & "Salazar", "Zar" for short - Rottweiler

Hi Mary, Thanks for checking in. ... I am looking forward to learning more at your class. ...It was almost like she wanted a job or was connecting with her inner retriever and wanted to carry "the bird" home. ... Thanks... and for coming over to work with us. I appreciate all the tips you gave us. Thanks, Elizabeth & "Honey" - Labradoodle (Labrador Retriever & Poodle x)

Hi Mary, Just wanted to tell you that Piper and Bella passed their CGC test tonight at the Greater Lansing Obedience Training Club. (12-2016) We are so proud of them. Thanks for your great training. Anna D. (Connor) - "Piper" ("Bella" - owner/handler Colleen K.) - Labrador Retrievers (ten months old).

Hi Mary, After seeing how well Ollie responds to you, it's obvious the problem is not him but us : ) ... he is trainable... I will be much more focused now on being the "lead trainer" around the house. I'll try to keep Ollie actively learning instead (of) just worrying about preventing... Best of all he slept through his normal wild hour! ... See you Tuesday. Karen & "Ollie" - Golden Retriever

Hi Mary, ... The Vet Tech who called said several of her patients have taken their dogs for your training and are extremely satisfied! Thank you for your career choice and dedication to our 4 legged friends! Nancy W. (John) & Ranger - Rat Terrier

Hi Mary! Ellie seems to be doing really well. She has been doing a lot of yawning so I think she definitely is noticing there'a a "new sheriff in town". ...She's catching right on doing great with that part... Thanks...see you soon in class! Gretchen H. V. (& Tim V.) - Ellie - Boxer Mix

Dear Mary, ..., thank you. Your wisdom has helped us tremendously. Craig B. (& Bree B.) "Jasper" - Papillon.

Hi Mary I put the ... like you suggested. ... SILENCE. not another peep out of him!  Oh my god it was a miracle!!  Thank you thank you thank you!!! Megan, Zoey and Murphy too!!! - Pomeranian-Chihuahua x and Pekingese-Pomeranian x

Hi Mary T., I wanted to thank you for the wonderful program that Willow and I were able to experience.  She's come such a long way, with so much more confidence.  I could tell she really enjoyed coming to class.  I enjoyed it as well.  ... Thank you again, and I hope to see you again in the near future,  Jennifer and "Willow" - Great Dane

Thanks again for your instruction. Take care, Joanne J. & Toby - Bichon Mix

Hi Mary, Dan and I want to thank you for the infomative class. Although Daisy may still be a handful, you reminded us that we are truly the ones that are being trained and we have to be consistent. : ) ... I'll check back with your class schedule in the spring. Thanks again!!!
Liz G. & Daisy - Bloodhound-Terrier-Schnauzer-Norwegian Elkhound-Whippet X- DNA verified!

Thank-you...for your instruction, kindness and attention to details to make the classes for Ranger a delight. Warm Regards,
Nancy (& John) W. & "Ranger" - Rat Terrier

Hi Mary, ... I wanted to let you know that Ellie has already made progress...  She began barking at 2 UPS trucks this afternoon and my husband told her "enough" and she stopped.  Its a work in progress for all of us!  Thank you so much for your help. Terri D. (Steve & Chris) & "Ellie" - Labrador Retriever

Hi Mary, I just wanted to say a big thank you to you.  Max and I have made huge strides. ... Thanks again!
Sue (Tom) & "Max" - English Springer Spaniel

Dear Mary, Thank you for all the extra time and effort you spent with us training Ozzie. We sure have learned a lot from you. With great appreciation,
Stephanie and Ed P. & Ozzie - Schnoogle, All American

Diego had a terrific week in training. ... Once again, Mary, we wish to thank you for taking the time to help us with our little boy. He is very special to us, and in time, using the techniques you have taught us, I know Diego will shine. ... I promise I will let you know how he is doing.
Joel (and Nancy) & Diego - Papillon.

Mary -  ... Celebration point - we took both girls for walks on and off leash the other day and both responded very well both on and off. Rylee did very well ... Cocoa is working better ... she has been doing better in her crate! Thank you for all of your help.
Val (and Luke) and the girls - Rylee - Rhodesian Ridgeback & Cocoa - German Shepherd.

Mary, Thanks for the input at our last class... Thanks again,
Pam & Izzy - Havanese.

Thank you so much for all you have taught us and Jalapeño. We both enjoyed your class very much. Not only did he learn some valuable lessons but I also learned how to continue teaching and working with him in our daily life. It has truly been a great experience. Thanks again. 
Dexter, Kimm and Jalapeño - All American

Mary - Thank you for sharing your talent & love of dog training with us, we're grateful...
Holly K. & Ginger - Cock-a-Poo

Hi Mary, Yesterday we took the girls to TSC after Rylee's vet appointment to visit the chick days. The store has containers of chicks and ducklings in the middle of the store and last year Rylee LOVED going to visit the "chickies" once a week. While we were there Luke and I both worked with one of the girls on all of the training for at least an hour around the store. We practiced our walking, slow, sitting, etc. with all of those distractions and the girls did pretty well! It was so nice to be able to walk them through the store well behaved.  We totally have you to thank for that!
Val - Rylee - Rhodesian Ridgeback & Cocoa - German Shepherd.

Hi Mary, I wanted to thank you for your help on Saturday, Cooper is not perfect but is much better as we're using your suggestions. If you would like to use us for a referral ... our appreciation... Thanks again,
John (and Tracy) M. Cooper - Labrador Retriever

Mary, Thanks again for all your patience... You rock lady! Love,
Kim C. & Cisco - English Setter

Hi Mary....this is Ann C.  Sammy, Tug (CGC-Therapy Newfoundlands both are at the Bridge) and Norman (Great Dane) trained with you many years ago. ...I have always thought that my best experiences as a new trainer were with you and your classes.  The news that you are training in Brighton just might be the spark that gets us out looking for a puppy in the next few months......I wish you well with your classes ... :).
Update! Ann is currently attending training and giving demos with "Aggie" a rescued St. Bernard Mix and "Mosey" a Newfoundland.

Mary T., We just wanted to say...Thanks for all you do to make us good - Thunder RE, NAJ, TDI & Lightening RE, NAJ, TDI - Shetland Sheepdogs

Mary, Thanks again for all your patience and direction! Kim C. & Cisco - English Setter

Mary...I do look forward to getting...back in class. We love and miss you! - Lei M. and the girls Raven CGC and Dakota - Australian Shepherds

Dear Mary, Thank you! Thanks for teaching me about dogs, dog training, & myself... You have made it possible to have a deeper & better relationship with our dogs, & all the dogs to come. Learning a different language (dog!) is difficult, & ...you have been very patient. Thanks again Lee F. & Ace, Zoe RA, CGC, & Cassie TDI, CGC, too! - Golden Retrievers

Mary, ...We enjoyed ... look forward to Makena being able to take part next year (Canine Good Citizen Test) ... "Okay, Bye" Linda and Lloyd P. & Makena & Molly - Golden Retrievers

Dear Mary T., Oh what a long conversation we had with Mom - (Natalie B., Italian human). ...This is just a special thank you for taking extra time with her. ... Thank you again, Thunder and Lightning B.. - Shetland Sheepdogs

Thank you so much for all your help! Hunter and I Love your way of "training". To me it's a way of bonding with my big puppy! If only every one could do it your way their would be alot of happy pups. ... she said "Wow, I wish my puppy had manners like him." Thanks, Jenn & Hunt - Springer Spaniel

Mary T., Thank you so much for all that you do and... and being a part of our 4 lives. Thank you for all of the special time & attention you... Thank you also...All our love & gratitude, Adrienne and Tony M. & Chandler and Lucy - Beagle Mixes

From the Dogs, this isn't just any "puppy love" ... our hearts belong to you! Ann C., Tug CGC & Sammy CGC - Newfoundlands

Dear Mary, Thank you for the update on RESULTS! My Ruby (Doberman) is so incredible and sweet. She comes EVERYTIME. I'm writing to let you know we lost our dear Maddie (Weimaraner) over Labor Day. ... she was 13, it was a shock as she seemed so spritely! I fondly recall all 3 classes with her at Results! ...Thank you! Gina DeM., Ruby and Maddie Doberman and Weimaraner

Hi Mary! Thanks so much ... we each have so much respect for your knowledge as well as your training methods. ....Thanks again for everything! Cathy and Greg S. & Riley CGC - Golden Retriever and Ginger - Labrador Retriever

Mary, Thanks for all your time & patience while training my new owner Kim. She's...trying hard but still is so human and requires lots of help & instruction. I think she's starting to get it!! I weill try to be as patient as cainine-ly possible with her this winter; sit when she says sit stay when she says stay etc.; but, most iimportant of all I'll try to remember your (and my) favorite words "Don't 'k-h-d'. Merry Christmas Love Jasper C. - English Setter

Thanks for the great classes! Kim C.

Thanks! For coming in and teaching us all about our classmate, Golden Retriever Jack. Austin, Cameron, Cody, Doug, Krist, Robert, Sarah, Stephan, Tyler, Mrs. H. - "You were GREAT!", Mrs. L., And of course, Mrs. B & Jack! Classroom Therapy Dog at Hilton Elementary, Brighton, MI - Golden Retriever

Oui Mary T.! Dear Mary T., If you are reading this card, then that means that there are 2 new Rally Novice A titleholders at the "dog house". Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We (& mom) - Natalie B., Italian human) couldn't have done it without you! Thunder RA, CGC and Lightning RA, CGC B. - Shetland Sheepdogs

Dear Mary - thanks for all of your patience and understanding the past few weeks. While Sammy CGC is on the mend, it's been nice to have so much support & concern in the process. Thanks again! Ann C. - Newfoundland

Dear Mary, Just wanted to send you a note of thanks for all of your help with Jack. I think he is making great progress in the right direction. Your program has worked wonders. (smile). Sincerely, Jennifer A. Cock-a-poo

Hi Mary, Thanks for all your help and dog wisdom. We appreciate it! And God knows I need a bit of wisdom! Champion Beacon (Laura M.) - Newfoundland

Mary, 25 years ago you had a dream. ... you have been able to inspire others to reach some of their dreams. Raven & I thank you that you "dream", "believe" and "Inspire" us on our new little journey together. As Raven celebrates "1 year" and you "25", we just want to say, "Thank you, Mary!" You are an awesome woman! Lei M. & Raven CGC - Australian Shepherd

Dear Mary, I think of you as "the dog whisperer". You are wonderful with ALL the dogs. Thanks for teaching me skills to better communicate with Duffy. Fondly, Faye and "Duffy"

Dear Mary, On behalf of all of us, we just wanted to say "Thank You". We throughly enjoy training with you & think the experience we've had so far has been extrodinary! ... Thank you for giving us the gifts of your experience & knowledge, I can't tell you how much of a positive experience everything has been! ...Love, Greg, Cathy S. & Riley CGC - Golden Retriever

Mary, Grady & I appreciate all you have done for us. ...Once again, thanks for all you do. You are our hero!! Craig and Grady - Flat-coated Retriever

Dear Mary, Thank you for ... I really enjoyed class ... Millie's behavior is pretty good ... except she still doesn't "come" on command. I'm still trying. :) Ann A. Mixed Breed

Dear Mary, Thanks again for being so helpful ... regarding Meadow, my German Shepherd Dog ... I look forward to learning from you. ... (Heart) Julie F.

Dear Mary, I was pleased to see the newspaper article on you and your business... I do believe you are indeed a "Dog Whisperer{ and thank you so much again for the kind whispering you did with "Annie." She is doing very well, and I am looking forward to lots of fun with her. ... keep up the good work. Sincerely, Gloria S & Annie - Miniature Poodle
Outstanding Patience Award to Mary Thank you, Mary! I've learned to "Sit" and I've learned to "Stay"; Maybe "come" will happen Another Day!! Presented by: Annie S. - Miniature Poodle

Mary, ...I'm so glad that we were able to be certified for therapy dog work...I think it is so interesting that with a little love and dedication even a dog that has been abused, like Molly, can turn into such a great animal. I just hope that we might be able to inspire some hope to a child that has experienced the same....Thank you again for everything. I have truly enjoyed learning how to work with my dogs. What a wonderful talent you posess!...Sincerely, Kristi M. Molly - Boxer Mix and Bailey Rhodesian Mix

Hi Mary, Thank you for all your extra time & effort with US! Ruby, Jeff & Carol Golden Retriever

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Hi Mary.  I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your training classes...  I learned more with you than with any of the other dog training I have taken. I continue to work with Scout.  ... he is reasonably well behaved and I can take him to public places or have guests in my home without worrying about him misbehaving. Thanks for all that you taught me.  If you are still training when I get my next puppy (hopefully a long time from now!) I will be in your classes from the beginning. Happy New Year - Jan T.....and Scout!

Dear Mary, Wanted to drop you a line to let you know how one of your ex pupils is getting along.  Amber was in your class two years ago.  She was the somewhat rowdy Pit Bull/Boxer mix (although I think she's mostly Pit Bull).  I think we all were wondering if we could handle her.  SHE handles us just fine.  She is amazing.   
You were right when you told us that "those people have puppies, you have a six-year-old child."  She is a very quiet, extremely intelligent, happy, and VERY loving, dog.  Even the cat loves her and tries to groom her all the time.  Amber has not shown any aggressive or anger... even when confronted by barking, nipping dogs. I could go on forever about how good she is...Thanks, Carol Amber - Boxer & Pit Bull

Dear Mary, This note is for all your time & effort in helping my parents ... find their brain - so they can advise me better - xxxx We really appreciate it! Thanks again, Laura & Garry M.Ch. Beacon - Newfoundland

Hello Mary! You're faithful, loyal, warm and king - you're this dog's favorite Valentine! Thanks so much for being so patient with Mom and I. (Heart) Meadow (Mandy P., too). Alaskan Malamute

Dear Mary, What a wonderful surprise for Abby and I Tuesday evening - we felt like celebraties! ...thank you for the party and for getting Abby to where we are in agility - (AKC titles: La Petite Abigail Rose NA, OA, AX, EX, NAJ, OAJ, CGC) we both truly appreciate it. You are a wonderful trainer! Thank you, thank you! Love, Paula H. Bibelot Bichon Frise

Thank you. You have been a great help to us. Debbie P. - Rascal - Beagle

Mary, I just wanted to thank you for everything. Molly and I have really enjoyed this training together. You have no idea how much your kind words and advice have meant to us. We hope ....Thanks again, Kristi and Josh M. & Molly - Boxer Mix and Bailey - Rhodesian Mix

Hi Mary, Thanks for being patient with our lack of attendance last session - but here is the good news! I'm baaack! Beacon and Laura - Newfoundland

Dear Mary - We just want to let you know how much we appreciate your patience & perseverance - teaching, and advice - words of counsel and encouragement, as we submit to the training we must adhere to in order to have well-mannered dogs ... keep up the good work & may the Lord bless you & yours for all you do! Gary & Judy R. German Shepherd Dog

We (heart) agility! Mary - ... Thank you for teaching our people (Allison and Don) to sit stay etc. (Heart) Kita & Roo R. American Eskimo Mix and Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Dear Mary, Thank you for all your ... support and encouragement in helping Spirit and I to accomplish our goal, (Companion Dog Obedience Title). You have been a wonderful teacher. ... Thanks again, Ann & Spirit CD - Golden Retriever

Mary, Stand back and let the real dogs work! Thanks - Love Galley & Laura M. Beagle living with many present and past Newfoundlands!

Mary - Thanks for letting us tag along, showing Chip and all your help since we got Chip and Indy!! We had a great time ... Thanks for after a very long day - still being able to say nice things ... Your a very special person! ... Val, Jim, Chip - Can OTCH, U-CDX Chelsea's Chippewa Chief AM Can UD, AX, NAJ, AD, P1, S-CDX, CGC, Indy - Am and Can OTCH, U-CDX Chelsea's Indian Strawberry, UDX, MX, AXJ, AAD CGC & Sam - Golden Retrievers

Dear Mary, I cannot thank you enough for the ... I feel so much more relaxed about the upcoming show - thank you so much. You are not only an excellent dog trainer but a friend as well. Love, Paula H. Bichon Frise

Dear Mary - We wanted to let you know we had a great time participating in your class ... Your exercises & training were very helpful! thanks so much (smile). Fondly, Scout, Catherine & Joe W. Boxer Mix

Mary - Thank you for all you've done to make Bett the little champion she is. We couldn't have done any of this without you! ... We'll reflect back on this time with many, many fond memories! You are the greatest! Love, Nancy & Ch. Bett Parson Russell Terrier

Dear Mary, It was great ... thanks Mary & I'll see you soon. Martha DeR. & Pearl Yorkshire Terrier

Dear Mary, Thank you so much for ... Both encounters were very helpful. ...I have to tell you the ... ... is a miracle. Everything else I have tried had only made him more aggressive or made him treat it as a toy. ... We're making progress. He is such a wonderful loving addition to my life. I want him to be well mannered, a pleasure for everyone to have around. Thanks so much again, Mary. ... Sincerely, Meg C.

Dear Mary, Thank you for such a great course. We love your training style. Warmly, Martha DeR. & Pearl Yorkshire Terrier

Dear Mary, Thank you for judging our match. The South Michigan Bichon Frise Club

Dear Mary, ... I'm so glad that Katie is doing this with Sam - He loves it! Sincerely, Joan K. Golden Retriever

Dear Mary: You are such a wonderful teacher. Lizzie and I thank you so much for what we have learned from you and from what we know we still need to learn. I especially appreciate your loving firmness and the clarity of your message to the animals before you. ... Bless you, pat m. Australian Shepherd

Mary, Thank you for all of your help with training Laney - we all really appreciate it!! :) Terri, Holly & Laney P. ("Arf, Arf") - Mixed Breed

Packleader Mary & the "Pack" Thanks for everything. ... Marge, George, Scout - Chelsea's Alleghany Scout CD, CGC - Golden Retreiver

Dear ToTo, You did a very good job. And your trainer (Mary T.) did a good job too - Love Rachel Z. - The Wizard of "Oz" - 1996 Production of the Community Theatre of Howell - Spring 1996 - (Fiona as "Toto", Moira as back-up) - Cairn Terrier and Scottish Terrier

Dear Mary and Matt, Thanks so much for sharing ... We really appreciate all your support for GLNC activities and the welfare of Newfoundlands. Sincerely, Sandee L. GLNC Secretary - Great Lakes Newfoundland Club

Mary - We can't thank you enough for such a great experience w/training Harley. We've noticed ourselves being more consistant and her being more attentive to us. We had been at a point of such frustration w/her, that I wasn't enjoying her like I wanted to. She's becoming such a good dog since our classes w/you started. ... All this to say, we are definite Believers in your program and have throughly enjoyed our classes w/you, As does Harley!! Thanks again! Gary & Missy K.

Hi Mary! ... Hope it's not too long before you find a new 'dog house'. Sam and I really look forward to resuming classes with you. Love, Marianne K. - Golden Retriever

Mary - Thank you for giving the Agility Demo. Phyliss H. & Debbie H., Scottish Terrier Club of Michigan

Hi Mary, ...and to thank you for your part in Tory's travels to winning the (Fort Detroit Golden Retriever Club top award) Gayhaven Trophy. ... also without 'your part' Tor couldn't have qualified and I'm very grateful to you. I am very pleased to show "pretty dogs" can work too! : ) ... Love Linda and a big kiss from Tory! - Am. & Can. Ch. Meadowpond's Wingfield Tory Am. and Can. OTCH, MH, CGC - Golden Retriever

Dear Mary, This is just a little "Thank you" for all your time & effort all year. I love dog classes and have really enjoyed getting to know you. Happy Holidays! Paula H. - Bibelot Bichon Frises'

Dear Mary, Many thanks ... for all you do. Iris F. (& her family) - Labrador Retriever

Mary, ... I'd like to thank you for being such a special person ... and for teaching me to navigate the stairs! ... See you for the April session of Obedience II! With love, Max - Labrador Retreiver

Hi Mary, What a bonus this week, talking to you Tuesday and your newsletter in the mail today! ...I have always admired your conscientious apporach to our "hobby" ... I miss you all very much but friends that matter are in your heart as you are in mine! Love, L. PS Your newsletter is very informative.

I just can't thank you enough ... Thanks very much, the seminar was Great! Denise M. & Cody - Golden Retriever

Mary T. (Handler Extrordinaire), Thanks! Thanks so much for showing me to Best of Breed (from the classes!) and Best of Winners! I knew we could do it! Kobi (Dog Extrodinaire) (with a little help from Matt) H. - Ch. LaScie's House Full of Kobi CD - Newfoundland

Dear Mary, Just a little note to let you know that I feel that Becky and I have learned very much in our class and we appreciate the opportunity to have taken it. A thanks for being an excellent teacher. ... She doesn't try to get out of the car when I do. That is very important to me and when I got home last night I used the whistle to call her ... she came right away. Again, this AM she did the same. And she is getting better about no "sass" when I try to wipe her dirty feet. ...She is a "BIG" part of our family. ... Thanks again and keep up the good work. Marsha K.

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Happy New Year Mary, ...my goal is to finish Mikki's CD (AKC Obedience Companion Dog title) and match Roxy (CD, CGC) in Open (AKC Obedience Companion Dog Excellent title). We have made progress ... Every where we take the two dogs, we get compliments on how well behaved they are - and they even come when we call! I recommend Results training to everyone. ... Mary W. - Labrador Retrievers

Mary - ... Also, thank you for the great demo on Harvest Day (Whitmore Lake). Please pass on to all your friends and helpers. Thanks, Barbara G. DVM (President Whitmore Lake Chamber of Commerce). Collies (Rough)

Hi Mary, Just a note to thank you for coming to the show last Saturday to give Mary & I support. It sure meant a lot to both of us. We will call you Sunday to let you know how well we did on our "3rd" leg! Thanks again, Dora B. - Reeva CGC (on the way to earning her CD; Reeva also became a SAR dog) - German Shepherd

Dear Mary - We would like to Thank You for the wonderful "Handling in the Show Ring" presentation for H.R.L.R.C. on August 27th. I'm sure all of us are a bit more confidenet to enter the show ring. Your efforts are greatly appreciated...members of - Huron River Labrador Retriever Club, Inc.

Dear Mary, Reba and I enjoyed the puppy class alot! Thanks for your good help and teaching. ...Thanks so much again. I really enjoy the way you teach. Your dedicated kindness and caring shows through! ... Sincerely, Deb DVM & Reba

Dear Mary: Thanks for sending the list of qualifiers from the Canine Good Citizen Test which you administered at our Wheaten Picnic on Sunday, July 24. We were really happy to know that 13 of the 17 Wheatens entered passed the test. ... Thanks again, Mary, for doing such a great job with our Wheatens ... AKC Canine Good Citizen Test!! Sincerely, The Officers and Board of Directors of the Motor City Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Club

Mary, You're Special, thanks for teaching me - Rocko

Dear Mary T., Thank you so much for all your help on education day. You were a hit Thanks, Beckie on behalf of the Great Lakes Newfoundland Club

Dear Mary, The BIS (Best in Show) picture frame is absolutely wonderful! We're both glad you could join us to celebrate. Also thank-you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us learn to make a show dog. Sincerely, Dave & Lynn W. - Best in Show - Livingston Kennel Club Shade - Ch. Espirit Misted Morning Shade - Collie (Rough)

Mary, I wanted to thank you for all you've taught Ellie & I. I know we have a long way to go, but you've made our dog ownership much more enjoyable. ... Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Jim,, Janice, Lauren, Joshua & Ellie C. - Golden Retriever

Dear Mary, I have so enjoyed our weekends of dog showing. Don and I were saying without your enthusiasm going to the dog shows would not be fun at all. ... You did a beautiful job showing the dog (Treasure) and i appreciate your effort. I really enjoyed the positive comments of the judge on Saturday. ... Look forward to seeing you at class Thursday. Wendy L. - Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier

Your kindness is greatly appreciated. Steven K.

Mary - Thank you for showing Chip in Ann Arbor. ... you made him look great! Love - Val & Chip (Can OTCH, U-CDX Chelsea's Chippewa Chief AM Can UD, AX, NAJ, AD, P1, S-CDX, CGC) - Chelsea Golden Retriever

Dear Mary, Zeke and I thoroughly enjoyed our class. He is a Joy to take for a walk! thanks - Kathy S. & Zeke

Mary, Many thanks! I can't say it enough for your help in evaluating (litter testing) my puppies. I think Tukay Midnight Sea Mist is gonna be a handful! I'm going to have fun working her in conformation & obed. Kim Tukay Labrador Retrievers & Dobermans

Dear Mary, Brianna and I want to say "Thank You" for being such a great instructor! We both really enjoyed our classes and learned lots! Our motto now is "Practice Makes Perfect!" ...Thanks again for all you did for us! Love Ya, Barb and Brianna Renaud - Bichon Frise'

Mary - thank you so much for ... Kellie & Casey really miss ... Sincerely, Debbie M. - Miniature Schnauzers

Hello Mary, ...We are very interested in Obedience III. Thank you very much for training Me. ... Mary Jo F. (and) Angel Too!

Dear Mary & Kim, Thank you for all the love & attention and especially all my training the last six weeks. The classes were great and I really enjoyed myself - mom and dad did too! I'm looking forward to starting another class in a few weeks. Mom says there is a little more room for improvement!! Thanks a lot! Snickers L.

Dear Mary, Thank you very much ... I'll try to get back to class ASAP. I miss them. Sincerely, Barbara G., DVM - Sherlock HIC Collie (Rough)

Hi Mary, Just a note to thank you for all the valuable training you have given me. I plan to continue training at my new location (FL) and will let you know our progress. Thanks again, Dora B. Reba CD CGC and Spencer CD - German Shepherd Dogs

Dear Mary, We really enjoyed watching Annie (Chelsea's Gala Parade CD, CGC) at the Lansing Dog Show. At the show it really became clear to us what a special relationship you have with your animals. There were many people there that had very well trained dogs yet didn't really seem to understand their animals. As the Monks of New Skete said in their book "How to be Your Dog's Best Friend", "While the dog performed well one wonders what the total dog-humans relationship was like." unfortunately, the judges don't score on this and I'm sure breeders that form "true bonds" are rare. You have a very special skill and you are lucky to have a job you truly love. ... Your friends, Barbara & Ole - Skyla - Chelsea' s Skyrocket - Golden Retriever

Mary - Thanks so much for all you do for me! You'll never know how much I appreciate you. Laura D. - Caper, Crystal CGC and Holly CGC - All 'Chelsea' Golden Retrievers

Dear Mary, Hi! Just a note to say "thanks" for being so helpful, understanding and encouraging! I feel that Kaley and I are beginning to communicate better already. ... I think of your words often..."We train them to do what we allow them to do", and I am motivated! See you next class! Lori W.

Mary, Thank you for ... I remember my puppy classes, I learned a lot. I'm grown up now, but need to obey my mom more. Can you help? ... I'm looking forward to seeing your smile again. Your pal, Keiller B.

We want to personally thank all of you for making it possible for us to finish our girl Sadie! The experience of finishing our own champion was the best! We couldn't have done it without you! Thanks! Tom & Arleen - Sadie - Ch. Sidetrack's Sassy Sadie VC, TDI, CGC - Mastiff

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Dear Teacher! Here's a picture of Me in my grad-hat! I had so much fun in class and Mom likes me more every day. See ya, in Sept. for more fun & training. Rusty - American Cocker Spaniel

Dear Mary, ...Thank you for all of the patience you have shown and guidance you have given in teaching me how to train Tory. It 's a pleasure to be learning from the best!! Thanks again, Kathy R. - (Chelsea's Redcoat Tory) Golden Retriever

Thanks Mary & Arleen for being such nice & patient teachers! You're both great!! Love Jackson K.

Mary, Jan & I would like to thank you for your excellent! training & patience in helping Marcus & I achieve our CD. There were many times I thought it was a lost cause but your encouragement and persistance pushed us over the top! I'm certain that no other training method would have worked for a mastiff. I hope you have the stamina to help us go for a CDX! Thanx Dick H. (Trainee) - "Trainer" Ch. Marcus "CD" - Mastiff

Mary - Thank you so much for all your help with Freebie. Kevin & I really appreciated your patience & dedication. We're really happy we didn't give up! Thank you! Carolyn, Kevin & Freebie

Hi Mary, Kona enjoyed puppy school and learned well. He's moved from an aggressive-dominant stage to the sweetheart stage. He follows me everywhere and is not as fiercely indepenent - hope this behavior lasts. Carl also has learned a lot from your class. If often see him applying your principles. It's truly changed his manner of interacting with Kona. Kona really seemed to enjoy the agility intro, so I'm planning to work towards that activity. See you in a few weeks. Thanks! Mary D.

In appreciation of your kindness, ... Thanks! Tom & Arleen P. - Mastiffs

Your gentle touch, ... your patience and kindness, too, bring joy to those around you. ... Love, Gigi CD (Russ & Linda G.) - Gordon Setter

Mary - I know very often that we forget to tell those people closest to us how much they mean. We assume what they know. Thank you doesn't seem enough for all the support you have given me while I have been showing Ben. With Ben on my left and you on my right how can I fail? Love C. Ben - Am. and Can. Ch. Shangrila's Country Squire Am. and Can. CDX, U-CDX - Irish Setter

Dear my wonderful trainer, Mary, I want to thank you sooo much for everything to help me a lot with Jolly. ...Thank you again!! ... Love ya a lots always, Renee O. & Jolly - Livingston County's First Hearing Dog! - A Sweet Spaniel Mix!
Dear Mary, Thanks so much for all your help with Jolly. She is a wonderful Hearing dog and will be a great help for Renee....Thanks, Al
Dear Mary, Thanks again for everything you have done for Renee and Jolly. This has been my happiest experience, raising a deaf child. We all appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. ... Love, Nancy.

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