Conformation Show Clinics

Many top handlers and breeders got their start here - are you and your pet the next to get noticed?

Pawformance Dog Sports! Structured Conformation Clinics

One Evening - Two Hour Clinic A lot is packed in to two hours! Stacking, gaiting, ring patterns and presentation skills. You only have a few minutes in the spotlight, make the most of your ring time to get your pet noticed!! Instructor has much handling, judging and teaching experience. Best attended with a pet that has had some leash and show stand, steady and/or stacking training. All levels welcome, beginner and advanced.

Beginner Show Clinic introduces basics for the beginner handler and the pet. We will cover the correct way to look at the bite to help ensure your pet is comfortable, stacking (show stand), moving, baiting and holding still for an exam. Treats are used for this class and an appropriate show lead for training. Equipment is discussed at the first class. General rules and entry forms are covered. A folder and handouts are given.

While we are prepared to teach basic conformation skills, your pet should have some manners for all to enjoy this class. Puppies and untrained dogs will need help to learn what is expected but as shared above please do not enter a pet that is constantly pulling or sassy, lunging at others or doing excessive barking or whining. Your puppy should be comfortable and it should not show extreme shyness or do excessive jumping, if it is - our puppy class would be a better choice of training at this stage. Note - you are welcome to bring your show lead for the walking portion of our puppy class!

Advanced Show Clinic provides the handling and polishing essentials for the competitive team. It builds on the fundamentals taught in Level One - basic stacking, moving and baiting. This level starts with the handler and pet that knows to stand still (at least most of the time) for an exam, will honor waiting for a treat and will move on a show lead as directed.

This class will concentrate on bringing out the best presentation of your pet when it is stacked, speed stacking, baiting tips, body language and foot work for you. You only have one and a half minutes +/- to shine! Learn the extras you can do to get your pet noticed!!

Club Members: The above Conformation Clinics may be available at your location - or mine for small or large groups - inquire!

Pawformance Dog Sports! Floor Time - Drop-in Classes

Experience counts! Offering more than the typical drop-in classes - whether you are getting a new puppy started or you have a champion - let me help you to bring out the best in your ring 'pawformance'! Preferring to use a gentle approach and graudually increasing and varying approaches as different judges do is wonderful for confidence building! Many top handlers and breeders got their start here - are you next to get noticed? See the Schedule (link at top and bottom of this page) to check for current offerings after reading the information below.

Bring Equipment: An appropriate collar and leash, a show lead, bait (soft, small easy to chew treats) and a cloth towel to wipe feet before entering building (and your vehicle after class) if conditions warrant.
No retractable or chain leashes, no (un)gentle leader or head halters on grounds.

Junior handlers must have an adult accompany them. Each handler must be able to physically handle their dog and follow instruction.

Ring Practice Due to the restrictions of a group conformation class, run throughs with conformation show ring handling tips are offered, not basic training instruction. If leash respect is needed, please consider my Puppy or Obedience & Manners Level One classes. Training per instruction will not teach your pet to sit in the conformation ring! Thank you for your understanding.

Aggressive, coughing or sick dogs cannot be accepted in a group class, nor should they be shown. If manners are needed - please inquire.

Fees and Dates: See listings on our SCHEDULE PAGE.

Important! Bring to the first class:

A Trainer Information and Rules with Hold Harmless Form is needed for each trainer/handler. To help ensure an enjoyable class for all, aggressive dogs will not be allowed to participate. Note, any person not cleaning up after their pet(s) - indoors and outdoors - will be dismissed without refund.

If you do not have a printer, blank forms are available at class. Arrive five minutes early at your first visit to allow time for paperwork.

Also needed, is a copy of each pet's health record on veterinary letterhead or itemized receipts showiing proof of distemper and parvo vaccinations. Rabies per MI law is required for pets over six months. A clear fecal exam within thirty days prior to first class as all pets use the same exercise area at class.
Returning? Please bring health record updates as incurred. For pet's sake, a clear fecal exam every six months please. Thank you.

New? Note all instruction is structured and progressive if you practice. A relaxed approach is used to help build confidence in you and and a 'look at me' attitude in your pet! The training director instructs all classes. She has past professional handler and judging experience and has handled dogs to championships, group and Best in Specialty Show wins.

Your show dog should not do an obedience sit in the conformation ring! Suggestions will be presented to help clarify the different ring responses desired for the conformation versus obedience and other sports.

Mary T. has brought the best out of clients and their pets which have led others to achieve much success - many with wins more impressive than hers! She has a gentle touch with pets to introduce conformation in a non-threatening way with diverse approaches to help ready you and your pet for various encounters you may experience. She has been training her personal dogs since 1967 and showing purebred dogs since 1971. Much experience including Specialty Best in Show and multiple group wins with various breeds. For more information visit:

Instructor Background

Questions? Email Training Director

or call the Bark Line (517) 548-4536 Thank you! Mary T.


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